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Lilacs & Sycamores

Stella spent a whole year planning her wedding, weeks went into picking the perfect location. She mulled over it incessantly, until she found it. A desert, amidst paradise a strip of dry land, a scientific and geographic anomaly.

Yet, even with all of her ceremonious scheduling and arranging, God still got his say.
The day before the wedding, there was a torrential downpour, historical in it’s own right. Knowing the rain was coming, Stella would have canceled altogether, it came seemingly out of the blue.

But, this wasn’t the end of it.

On the way to the location, they were passed by a bus of nuns who were there to see the dessert which had bloomed rare yellow flowers. At the ceremony, because of the moist atmosphere the groom, Clyde, dropped the ring. And after all of this, when Stella believed that the situation couldn’t get any worse, it did.

Christa, one of her closest friends, was delayed taking the wedding certificate to the judge. She was forced to put it through the next day setting her official marriage day as Saturday, May 13th. All of these were signs of the marriage failing in different aspects.

However, despite all of the bad omens, the following years rolled on smoothly. They even had a child a year into the marriage, a happy and healthy baby girl with a sweet temperament. But fate and destiny has an odd way of remaining unpredictable.

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It’s Monday! What am I Reading?

Monday Updates


Cover for “On Writing”

Image found: Amazon.com

Title: On Writing

Author: Stephen King

What page am I on? 56 of 284


At first glance, this book may seem like it can be completely explained through the title of the book. It is a novel “on writing” written by Stephen King. However, the actual book is more like a series of detailed and intricate flashes of King’s past. It offers the reader encouraging and useful tips on developing the skill of writing.

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Lilacs & Sycamores

“Mara do we have any flowers that mean self-appreciation? Do those even exist?” Jane huffs out and she sounds upset, but Mara can tell that she’s just overwhelmed.

Mara stands up coming from the back where she was making a get well arrangement. “Self love? Maybe a narcissus?”

“Oh, we have purple and white ones, yellow and white ones, pink and white ones-” Jane looks up suddenly realizing she’s rambling. “Well, they’re all right here.” She points.

“These are lovely,” The woman gasps looking at all the narcissus. “If I may ask, who grows these?”

“My boss, Mara, grows all of them.” Jane smiles at Mara as the woman emerges from the back of the store.

“They’re beautiful.” As she speaks, the woman looks at Mara and touches her chest. Mara feels her cheeks heat up and she comes over to help Jane bundle up the flowers.

“Have a nice day,” Jane calls after the woman as she departs.

Mara raises an eyebrow at her apprentice, “You haven’t been studying then?”

“I have been,” Jane argues and when Mara gives her a disapproving look she stares down at the flowers. “But I don’t remember seeing that narcissus means self appreciation.”

Mara clicks her tongue as she looks at the next order of flowers and mutters, “Then, you haven’t been studying.”

Jane’s head snaps up to look at her teacher with wide eyes. “No way, it’s not in there!”

Mara shrugs her shoulders. “It’s a big book, Jane.”

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The Sun and the Moon

Part 8

“You go first, they’ll let you by.” Mikhail states plainly.

Arabella then takes the lead approaching the side of the castle, the war was going on in the front and Mikhail suggested that they go in through the side before the fight spreads. She walks onto the bridge built over a deep lake. As she walks she spots Mia, one of the maids. “My queen! There is a man fighting the king!”

“I know let me by.” Arabella nodds.

“No! He’ll kill you too!” Mia shouts, she’s shaking and clearly frightened. Mikhail shakes his head and grabs Mia by the arm.

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The Sun and the Moon

Part 3

Surprisingly, Garrett was able to get a seat upfront. It was as if something changed about him, all people did was take one look at him and move out the way.

“You look dashing.” Garrett turned towards the voice. It came from a man with dark hair and striking green eyes.

He grinned at the man. “Oh, it’s you Wesley. Calm down. Thank you! I thought the hat would be too much.” Garrett says gesturing to the article of clothing on his head.

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The Sun and the Moon

Part 2

Arabella, my moon,

I have just learned that I am set to go off to war with the rest of the young men in our town. I am sorry for the short notice, but could we possibly meet up at the farewell ceremony for the new infantry. I would love for you to come I would love it if you came If you would like to attend, I’d be honored.

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