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It’s Monday! What Am I Reading?


Cover for “Psycho

Image found onĀ Amazon.com

Title: Psycho

Author: Robert Bloch

Page Number: 30 of 175


This novel features a young woman, Mary Crane, on the run after stealing $40,000 from the office where she worked as a secretary. Mary stops to rest at the Bates motel, where she encounters Norman Bates and his hostile Mother. There is something off about the duo, could it just be the fact that her suspicious are heightened by the stolen money, or is there something seriously sinister afoot.

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Organising My Thoughts “On Writing”


Cover for “On Writing

Image found on Amazon.com

Title: On Writing

Author: Stephen King

What page am I on? 284


At first glance, this book may seem like it can be completely explained through the title of the book. It is a novel “on writing” written by Stephen King. However, the actual book is so much more than that. It is a series of detailed and intricate flashes of King’s past, mixed with perspective changing tips that will should any writer.

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My mind in “Dark Places”

Book Review


Cover for “Dark Places”

Image found: AbeBooks.com

Title: Dark Places

Author: Gillian Flynn  

Number of Pages: 538


“Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn is a book about a thirty-two-year-old woman, Libby Day, whose mother and two sisters are brutally murdered when she is seven years old. Libby’s brother Ben Day, is arrested and charged with the murders.  Twenty-five years later, Libby, in need of cash, gets entangled with a strange group of people obsessed with her case. These people, called the Kill Club, are willing to pay for new information about the Day murders and Libby is willing to play investigator. However, the more details she uncovers about the case, the more she finds her own certainty about it wavering.

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