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It’s Monday! What Am I Doing?

My Thoughts Thus Far:

First things first, I’d like to address how much fun I’ve had reading and reviewing these books. It’s been my favorite thing to do all semester long and I always look forward to blogging. Because reading these books were a part of my homework it forced me to keep a strict timetable in order to submit my assignments in time. The pace was pretty writing intensive, but in the end, it was really easy to follow.

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Ryker’s Revenge

March 20, 2045

11:40 PM

Ryker waits outside Uptown Funk leaning against the wall as the rain pours. There’s a cover over the alleyway, one that was put in after the bar installed their new outdoor speakers. The speakers are currently playing the soft, whirring beginning of “Secret” by Maroon 5. He hears the door to the bar open as the strumming of the guitar pours out of the speaker.

The man exiting the bar is murmuring something to himself, Ryker tilts his head and waits for the man to get a little closer to him. Continue reading Ryker’s Revenge

No. 1 Party Anthem

March 15, 2045

1:46 AM

Mikhail sighed looking at the time, he was supposed to get off from work half an hour ago. Normally, he wouldn’t mind but Ryker and him rented a bunch of one-night movies. He was supposed to be home to watch them. He always felt rude blowing Ryker off, because he always complained about them not doing stuff together.

“Charles, where is my cell phone,” Mikhail asks throwing up his hands in frustration.

Charles pauses his conversation with Jane and looks him up and down for a moment. “Attitude?”

“I was supposed to leave three hours ago… Of course I’m pissed. Serve some of the damn customers!” Mikhail stomps his foot angrily and Charles points at the liquor shelf.

“Your phone is over there,” He drawls before turning back to Jane.

Mikhail sighs before walking to his phone and picking it up. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a man staring at him. “Can I get a drink?”

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Silly Love Songs

Part Two

Darren spins around at the sound of the familiar voice. He sees the woman with ashy gray hair and dark eyes. She’s sitting at a high table sipping from a tea cup and holding a book in her other hand. She’s changed form the last time he saw her, now wearing maroon high-waisted shorts and a white crew neck shirt.

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Silly Love Songs

Darren spotted the unique shade of ashen grey hair, it was twisted into some complicated, intricate, yet organised braid. He speeds up catching the woman’s attention.

“Hey! How are you?” He asks the girl.

“I… I’m well, I guess.” The woman smiles and Darren finds it odd, it’s not like her usual smile, maybe it’s tighter.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Darren asks and the woman who looks around awkwardly. “Right, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to ha-”

“I apologise for cutting you off, you have me mistaken for someone else. I’m in a rush, sorry.” The girl brushed off her black blazer and dark jeans before walking off.

Ezra and he were in the same class last year and he thought that they got really close… maybe he was wrong.

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Crawling Back to You

There was a grace period, a time where everything was acceptable and nothing was off limits. But, just like all good things it came to an end.

Ryker sucked in a painful breath as his stomach ached. He stood up shakily from his chair and pressed the power button on the remote control shutting off the television and dropping the remote control.

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The Sun and the Moon


“You’re worried about him, I can tell. I want you to know that I built this castle with my bare hands, with you and all of your loved ones in mind. Erik being a… brother to you, as you’ve told me many times, will stay here. Until we can have something better built for him.” Garrett whispers to her.

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