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Lilacs & Sycamores

Stella spent a whole year planning her wedding, weeks went into picking the perfect location. She mulled over it incessantly, until she found it. A desert, amidst paradise a strip of dry land, a scientific and geographic anomaly.

Yet, even with all of her ceremonious scheduling and arranging, God still got his say.
The day before the wedding, there was a torrential downpour, historical in it’s own right. Knowing the rain was coming, Stella would have canceled altogether, it came seemingly out of the blue.

But, this wasn’t the end of it.

On the way to the location, they were passed by a bus of nuns who were there to see the dessert which had bloomed rare yellow flowers. At the ceremony, because of the moist atmosphere the groom, Clyde, dropped the ring. And after all of this, when Stella believed that the situation couldn’t get any worse, it did.

Christa, one of her closest friends, was delayed taking the wedding certificate to the judge. She was forced to put it through the next day setting her official marriage day as Saturday, May 13th. All of these were signs of the marriage failing in different aspects.

However, despite all of the bad omens, the following years rolled on smoothly. They even had a child a year into the marriage, a happy and healthy baby girl with a sweet temperament. But fate and destiny has an odd way of remaining unpredictable.

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It’s Monday! What Am I Reading?


Cover for “Psycho

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Title: Psycho

Author: Robert Bloch

Page Number: 30 of 175


This novel features a young woman, Mary Crane, on the run after stealing $40,000 from the office where she worked as a secretary. Mary stops to rest at the Bates motel, where she encounters Norman Bates and his hostile Mother. There is something off about the duo, could it just be the fact that her suspicious are heightened by the stolen money, or is there something seriously sinister afoot.

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My Thoughts “Under the Harrow”

sUnder The Harrow

Cover for “Under The Harrow”

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Title: Under The Harrow

Author: Flynn Berry

Page number: 219


This book focuses on Nora, as she is on her way to visit her sister. When she arrives, her sister and dog have both been brutally murdered. Although the police are working on the case, Nora finds herself doing some investigation of her own. As she uncovers information about her sister, she finds out that everything is not as it seems.

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It Was Someone I Knew

May 1, 2045

4:10 PM

Christoph wiped off the coffee table pausing periodically to spray more Windex. He did this until the table was spotless, brightly showing the reflection of the light on the table top. He sighed and looked up at the news, reading the ticker tape and waiting for the more recent events.

There was a bang at the door drawing the vampire’s attention immediately. His large blue eyes focused on the door, but there was no more noise. When Christoph turns his attention back to the television, the front door swings open, crashing against the wall with a loud clatter. A man dressed in all black storms in, he’s holding a black Smith and Wesson.

“Kommen in die Hölle, und ihnen sagen ‘Ich komme’.” The man says before firing off the gun. The bullet pierces Christoph’s chest and seems to explode upon collision. Christoph falls onto his back and lets out a whimper. Continue reading It Was Someone I Knew

Ryker’s Revenge

March 20, 2045

11:40 PM

Ryker waits outside Uptown Funk leaning against the wall as the rain pours. There’s a cover over the alleyway, one that was put in after the bar installed their new outdoor speakers. The speakers are currently playing the soft, whirring beginning of “Secret” by Maroon 5. He hears the door to the bar open as the strumming of the guitar pours out of the speaker.

The man exiting the bar is murmuring something to himself, Ryker tilts his head and waits for the man to get a little closer to him. Continue reading Ryker’s Revenge

In the Woods Somewhere

Why in the Hell does this always happen to me? Asher wonders as he navigates through the inky blackness of the night. The silence was deafening and at this point the man is pretty sure that any kind of noise was better than this.

He’d gotten off from work late and it seemed as though night came early. As the man tripped through the ungodly darkness, he made a mental note to write the commission about lighting the outskirts of the town. Continue reading In the Woods Somewhere