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It’s Monday! What am I Reading?

Monday Updates


Cover for “On Writing”

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Title: On Writing

Author: Stephen King

What page am I on? 56 of 284


At first glance, this book may seem like it can be completely explained through the title of the book. It is a novel “on writing” written by Stephen King. However, the actual book is more like a series of detailed and intricate flashes of King’s past. It offers the reader encouraging and useful tips on developing the skill of writing.

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Lilacs & Sycamores

Part Two

When Mara heads to the back again, Jane is standing at the sorting table staring at her. “He was cute, no?” She asks in chirpy voice.

“He was alright,” Mara musters as she focuses on her next order of flowers.

“Alright? More than alright,” Jane persists tilting her head back and forth studying her bouquet. “You’re so frigid with people.”

“Maybe he was,” Mara admits rolling her eyes. She glances at the blonde witch as she continues to examine her bouquet. She feels the need to defend her behavior anyway. “He has a wife,” she says trying to keep her voice casual.

“So? It wouldn’t have mattered to you anyway. Every man who comes through that door, you treat the same exact way,” Jane continues absentmindedly.

“Is that really so bad? Maybe, I don’t want to get close to anyone. I don’t want to hurt someone, I don’t want to bewitch anyone, I don’t want to curse anyone, I’m not that kind of witch.” Mara mutters methodically filling in the flowers into a vase. Continue reading Lilacs & Sycamores

Lilacs & Sycamores

“Mara do we have any flowers that mean self-appreciation? Do those even exist?” Jane huffs out and she sounds upset, but Mara can tell that she’s just overwhelmed.

Mara stands up coming from the back where she was making a get well arrangement. “Self love? Maybe a narcissus?”

“Oh, we have purple and white ones, yellow and white ones, pink and white ones-” Jane looks up suddenly realizing she’s rambling. “Well, they’re all right here.” She points.

“These are lovely,” The woman gasps looking at all the narcissus. “If I may ask, who grows these?”

“My boss, Mara, grows all of them.” Jane smiles at Mara as the woman emerges from the back of the store.

“They’re beautiful.” As she speaks, the woman looks at Mara and touches her chest. Mara feels her cheeks heat up and she comes over to help Jane bundle up the flowers.

“Have a nice day,” Jane calls after the woman as she departs.

Mara raises an eyebrow at her apprentice, “You haven’t been studying then?”

“I have been,” Jane argues and when Mara gives her a disapproving look she stares down at the flowers. “But I don’t remember seeing that narcissus means self appreciation.”

Mara clicks her tongue as she looks at the next order of flowers and mutters, “Then, you haven’t been studying.”

Jane’s head snaps up to look at her teacher with wide eyes. “No way, it’s not in there!”

Mara shrugs her shoulders. “It’s a big book, Jane.”

“I’ve just been so busy lately with all the studying for class-” Jane is cut off by Mara’s laughter. “What?” Continue reading Lilacs & Sycamores

Silly Love Songs

Part Two

Darren spins around at the sound of the familiar voice. He sees the woman with ashy gray hair and dark eyes. She’s sitting at a high table sipping from a tea cup and holding a book in her other hand. She’s changed form the last time he saw her, now wearing maroon high-waisted shorts and a white crew neck shirt.

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Silly Love Songs

Darren spotted the unique shade of ashen grey hair, it was twisted into some complicated, intricate, yet organised braid. He speeds up catching the woman’s attention.

“Hey! How are you?” He asks the girl.

“I… I’m well, I guess.” The woman smiles and Darren finds it odd, it’s not like her usual smile, maybe it’s tighter.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Darren asks and the woman who looks around awkwardly. “Right, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to ha-”

“I apologise for cutting you off, you have me mistaken for someone else. I’m in a rush, sorry.” The girl brushed off her black blazer and dark jeans before walking off.

Ezra and he were in the same class last year and he thought that they got really close… maybe he was wrong.

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The Sun and the Moon


“You’re worried about him, I can tell. I want you to know that I built this castle with my bare hands, with you and all of your loved ones in mind. Erik being a… brother to you, as you’ve told me many times, will stay here. Until we can have something better built for him.” Garrett whispers to her.

“I know, I’m just nervous.” Arabella nods. Continue reading The Sun and the Moon