It’s Monday! What am I Reading?

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Cover for “The Ninth Configuration”

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Title: The Ninth Configuration

Author: William Peter Blatty

What page am I on? 69 of 172


“The Ninth Configuration” by William Peter Blatty is a book about a military “rest camp” housing twenty-seven officers being housed as patients. These officers have all mysteriously contracted mental illnesses leaving the Pentagon to question the authenticity of their conditions. The government then sends Colonel Kane, a marine psychologist, to discover the origins of the strange occurrences.

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My mind in “Dark Places”

Book Review


Cover for “Dark Places”

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Title: Dark Places

Author: Gillian Flynn  

Number of Pages: 538


“Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn is a book about a thirty-two-year-old woman, Libby Day, whose mother and two sisters are brutally murdered when she is seven years old. Libby’s brother Ben Day, is arrested and charged with the murders.  Twenty-five years later, Libby, in need of cash, gets entangled with a strange group of people obsessed with her case. These people, called the Kill Club, are willing to pay for new information about the Day murders and Libby is willing to play investigator. However, the more details she uncovers about the case, the more she finds her own certainty about it wavering.

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A Few More Facts About Myself

For my new readers, I want to introduce myself. I’m Jasmine a college student who is majoring in education.  My dream is to become and English/Literature teacher, teaching students anywhere from middle school to college. In the previous post, you’ll see mainly fiction writings of the romance or thriller genre (which are my two favourite genres) as well as movie reviews.

Because I am re-starting up this blog, I figured it would be courteous to re-introduce myself A) for my current readers and B) for my new readers who want to get to know me. So, without further ado, here are ten random facts about myself that you never asked for!

1. My favourite fictional creature is a mermaid. I love everything about them from their magical colours to their homes under the sea. If I could be any creature real or fake, it would be a mermaid!



2. I love shades of purple, pink, and blue.

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Lilacs & Sycamores

Part Two

When Mara heads to the back again, Jane is standing at the sorting table staring at her. “He was cute, no?” She asks in chirpy voice.

“He was alright.” Mara musters up as she focuses on her next order of flowers.

“Alright? More than alright.” Jane persists tilting her head back and forth studying her bouquet. “You’re so frigid with people.”

“Okay, he has a wife.” Mara rolls her eyes.

“But, you’re frigid with every man.” Jane continues.

“Maybe, I don’t want to get close to anyone. I don’t want to hurt someone, I don’t want to bewitch anyone, I don’t want to curse anyone, I’m not that kind of witch.” Mara mutters methodically filling in the flowers into a vase. Continue reading Lilacs & Sycamores

Lilacs & Sycamores

“Mara do we have any flowers that mean self-appreciation? Do those even exist?” Jane huffs out and she sounds upset, but Mara can tell that she’s just overwhelmed.

Mara stands up coming from the back where she was making a get well arrangement. “Self love? Maybe a narcissus?”

“Oh, we have purple and white ones, yellow and white ones, pink and white ones-” Jane looks up suddenly realizing she’s rambling. “Well, they’re all right here.” She points.

“These are lovely,” The woman gasps looking at all the narcissus. “If I may ask, who grows these?”

“My boss, Mara, grows all of them.” Jane smiles at Mara as the woman emerges from the back of the store.

“They’re beautiful.” As she speaks, the woman looks at Mara and touches her chest. Mara feels her cheeks heat up and she comes over to help Jane bundle up the flowers.

“Have a nice day,” Jane calls after the woman as she departs.

Mara raises an eyebrow at her apprentice, “You haven’t been studying then?”

“I have been,” Jane argues and when Mara gives her a disapproving look she stares down at the flowers. “But I don’t remember seeing that narcissus means self appreciation.”

Mara clicks her tongue as she looks at the next order of flowers and mutters, “Then, you haven’t been studying.”

Jane’s head snaps up to look at her teacher with wide eyes. “No way, it’s not in there!”

Mara shrugs her shoulders. “It’s a big book, Jane.”

“I’ve just been so busy lately with all the studying for class-” Jane is cut off by Mara’s laughter. “What?” Continue reading Lilacs & Sycamores

Open Space (part two)

“He was my brother.” Jake tells her.

“Is.” Aileen presses. “He’s still alive.”

“It doesn’t matter whatever happened to him cannot be undone by words. He wanted to look for our parents and I wanted to go with him. He started talking to the guards and they ask their boss, when his answer got back to us they said that the answer was ‘no’. He came to me that night and told me of his plans to run away. I asked to go with him and he told me that he ‘came out first’ so ‘it was his place to go’.” Jake shakes his head and does air quotes.

“He left after that…” Aileen plays with the food on the plate.

“And still hasn’t come back, then one day you showed up taking his place…” Jake finishes and meets her eyes smiling weakly. “I’ll go with you.”

Grace nods and smiles, then she turns to Aileen whose eyes are trained on her plate. She glances up before nodding. “Fine, come get me right after night falls.”

“And then, you can get me after.” Jake nods.

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Open Space

Grace looks around the lunch room as she is jerked about by her chained wrist. She looks at the person in front of her and tries to lean over to look at the guard manning the chain.

They are eventually lead to a table where the guard comes around and chains them to the table, as the are chained to one side then another line of people are lead to another side. A girl with pale skin cherry colored hair and freckles, she smiles at Grace as she sits down. Continue reading Open Space