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It’s Monday! What Am I Reading?


Cover for “Psycho

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Title: Psycho

Author: Robert Bloch

Page Number: 30 of 175


This novel features a young woman, Mary Crane, on the run after stealing $40,000 from the office where she worked as a secretary. Mary stops to rest at the Bates motel, where she encounters Norman Bates and his hostile Mother. There is something off about the duo, could it just be the fact that her suspicious are heightened by the stolen money, or is there something seriously sinister afoot.

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My Thoughts “Under the Harrow”

sUnder The Harrow

Cover for “Under The Harrow”

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Title: Under The Harrow

Author: Flynn Berry

Page number: 219


This book focuses on Nora, as she is on her way to visit her sister. When she arrives, her sister and dog have both been brutally murdered. Although the police are working on the case, Nora finds herself doing some investigation of her own. As she uncovers information about her sister, she finds out that everything is not as it seems.

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It’s Monday! What am I Reading?

Monday Updates


Cover for “On Writing”

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Title: On Writing

Author: Stephen King

What page am I on? 56 of 284


At first glance, this book may seem like it can be completely explained through the title of the book. It is a novel “on writing” written by Stephen King. However, the actual book is more like a series of detailed and intricate flashes of King’s past. It offers the reader encouraging and useful tips on developing the skill of writing.

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My mind in “Dark Places”

Book Review


Cover for “Dark Places”

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Title: Dark Places

Author: Gillian Flynn  

Number of Pages: 538


“Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn is a book about a thirty-two-year-old woman, Libby Day, whose mother and two sisters are brutally murdered when she is seven years old. Libby’s brother Ben Day, is arrested and charged with the murders.  Twenty-five years later, Libby, in need of cash, gets entangled with a strange group of people obsessed with her case. These people, called the Kill Club, are willing to pay for new information about the Day murders and Libby is willing to play investigator. However, the more details she uncovers about the case, the more she finds her own certainty about it wavering.

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“It’s called a sense of humor- you should get one- they’re nice.”

Pretty in Pink (1986)

Starring: Molly Ringwald, Howard Dean Stanton, Jon Cryer, and James Spader

Pretty in Pink is about a middle class girl in highschool who develops a crush on Blane, a rich kid. As the two slowly fall in love they fall out with their social cliques.

This movie focuses a lot on the pressure high-schoolers face from their cliques. Which brings me to another important idea, this movie was made in the late 80’s and now about twenty-eight years later, there is still peer pressure going on in school.

Trailer for Pretty in Pink

Spoilers Ahead!

Throughout the entirety of the movie I adored Duckie and I thought that his crush on Andie was super cute. So you could imagine my surprise when Andie and Duckie, did not end up together. Yes, it’s true. Andie manages to forgive Blane for blowing her off and lying to her and they still end up together. But, all in all, I suppose if the two didn’t end up together it would mean they didn’t overcome the social barriers.

One of my favorite scenes from the movie happens when Duckie enters the store where Andie works as they are playing Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness and he begins to dance around to the song until the music ends.

Another scene I like that stands out to me is Blane and Andies argument, mainly because it fills me with second-hand embarrassment. I was a little embarrassed then, when they show the students and administration exciting the classrooms to find out what’s going on in the hallways is when the mortification settled in my stomach.

Here are some links to some more of my favorite scenes from Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Darcy and Elizabeth dance

The Rain Scene (Darcy’s first proposal)

Darcy Delivers his letter of explanation

The scene at Dawn  (Darcy walks to Elizabeth )

Word Count: 311

“The Hardest Thing Is Loving Someone and Then Having the Courage to Let Them Love You Back”

The Wedding Date (2005)

Starring: Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Amy Adams, and Jack Davenport

The Wedding Date is about a woman who is appointed to be the maid of honor at her younger half-sister’s wedding. When she finds out her ex-fiance(Jeff) is going to be the best man she hires Nick Mercer, an male escort, to pose as her boyfriend.

From the beginning to end, the Wedding Date is a great movie. It is filled with love, shocking betrayal, and heartbreak. It does follow the popular rom-com story line although it holds some surprises.

Spoilers Ahead!

My favorite scene occurs when Kat and Nick attend a dancing class along with Amy and Ed. I enjoy the filming style, at times the scene is slowed down and sped up. The song in the scene is Sway by Michael Bublé.

Another one of my favorite moments is when Kat finds out that Amy is responsible for her and Jeff ending their relationship(because Jeff cheated on her with Amy) and that Jeff is really heartbroken about Amy getting married.

Kat finds out the night before the wedding, and Nick discover the fact earlier that day making her and Ed the only two people who didn’t know.

Kat then proceeds to argue with Nick, leading Nick to deliver my favorite lines from the movie “You’re judging me? That’s a good one. You are going to point the finger at me, the guy that you hired to be your pretend boyfriend?”. I honestly laugh every time I hear it (although it truly isn’t supposed to be funny). My love for this quote goes beyond the hilarity of it. Yes, and it’s not just the delivery of the line that gets me, it’s the truth in it. A pet peeve of mine, when it comes to movies and television shows, is that there are points where I think that someone’s being hypocritical and no one calls them on it!

Another quote from the movie is when Kat says to Nick “You know what pisses me off? I’ve been spilling my guts all weekend and I don’t know anything about you”. This causes him to say “I’m allergic to fabric softener. I’m majoring in comparative literature at Brown. I hate anchovies” Then he says “and I think I’d miss you, even if we’d never met” When I heard the quote, I felt as though it described a feeling that is challenging to put into words. And, I personally think that that is the best compliment I can give the movie. It’s like saying “I don’t have a word for the way I feel about you, we are like ‘The Wedding Date’, you know?”

Word Count: 445

In finding the right person you need someone with all the right similarities, yet all the right differences. Someone to read your mind instinctively, yet cover your weaknesses

My first post is about 1998 British Romantic Comedy, titled The Very Thought of You originally called Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel, and Laurence. The movie is about Martha, a woman living in America who decides to quit her job and use her last paycheck to buy a one way ticket to London. She leaves in search of ‘the one’, the perfect partner. Over the course of a couple of days she meets Frank, Daniel, and Laurence. She meets them all separately, however the three men have been best friends since childhood. Complications arise when all three men fall in love with her. Here’s a link to the trailer. You can also go directly to it on Wikipedia by clicking this link. This is one of my favorite Romantic Comedies for many reasons but, the most important being that it’s shot out of sequence making it hard to predict what is going to happen.

I generally enjoyed the characters, although from time to time I would get irritated with Martha. The character wasn’t all that strong or unique and, at times, she struck me as a moody, naive individual who expected everyone to cater to her. In my opinion her character is over-shadowed by the three personalities of Frank, Daniel, and Laurence.

Spoilers ahead!

The ending was satisfying and just a little predictable. Obviously, Martha and Laurence are the main characters, so you should already be 95.9% sure know that they end up together. But when Laurence ask for the cheapest one way flight out of London(the flight being for a small town in Iceland) and Martha is no where to be found the viewer starts to get a little worried. However after he leaves, she appears around the corner and purposefully ask for a ticket to the same place. In the end of the movies she moves his seat up to first class with the remaining money she has and the two meet on the plane making for a very awwww-worthy moment.

word count: 334