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It’s Monday! What Am I Reading?


Cover for “Psycho

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Title: Psycho

Author: Robert Bloch

Page Number: 30 of 175


This novel features a young woman, Mary Crane, on the run after stealing $40,000 from the office where she worked as a secretary. Mary stops to rest at the Bates motel, where she encounters Norman Bates and his hostile Mother. There is something off about the duo, could it just be the fact that her suspicious are heightened by the stolen money, or is there something seriously sinister afoot.

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Open Space (part two)

“He was my brother.” Jake tells her.

“Is.” Aileen presses. “He’s still alive.”

“It doesn’t matter whatever happened to him cannot be undone by words. He wanted to look for our parents and I wanted to go with him. He started talking to the guards and they ask their boss, when his answer got back to us they said that the answer was ‘no’. He came to me that night and told me of his plans to run away. I asked to go with him and he told me that he ‘came out first’ so ‘it was his place to go’.” Jake shakes his head and does air quotes.

“He left after that…” Aileen plays with the food on the plate.

“And still hasn’t come back, then one day you showed up taking his place…” Jake finishes and meets her eyes smiling weakly. “I’ll go with you.”

Grace nods and smiles, then she turns to Aileen whose eyes are trained on her plate. She glances up before nodding. “Fine, come get me right after night falls.”

“And then, you can get me after.” Jake nods.

“Okay, we have a deal.”  Grace smiles at the two. Continue reading Open Space (part two)

Ryker’s Revenge

March 20, 2045

11:40 PM

Ryker waits outside Uptown Funk leaning against the wall as the rain pours. There’s a cover over the alleyway, one that was put in after the bar installed their new outdoor speakers. The speakers are currently playing the soft, whirring beginning of “Secret” by Maroon 5. He hears the door to the bar open as the strumming of the guitar pours out of the speaker.

The man exiting the bar is murmuring something to himself, Ryker tilts his head and waits for the man to get a little closer to him. Continue reading Ryker’s Revenge

No. 1 Party Anthem

March 15, 2045

1:46 AM

Mikhail sighed looking at the time, he was supposed to get off from work half an hour ago. Normally, he wouldn’t mind but Ryker and him rented a bunch of one-night movies. He was supposed to be home to watch them. He always felt rude blowing Ryker off, because he always complained about them not doing stuff together.

“Charles, where is my cell phone,” Mikhail asks throwing up his hands in frustration.

Charles pauses his conversation with Jane and looks him up and down for a moment. “Attitude?”

“I was supposed to leave three hours ago… Of course I’m pissed. Serve some of the damn customers!” Mikhail stomps his foot angrily and Charles points at the liquor shelf.

“Your phone is over there,” He drawls before turning back to Jane.

Mikhail sighs before walking to his phone and picking it up. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a man staring at him. “Can I get a drink?”

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In the Woods Somewhere

Why in the Hell does this always happen to me? Asher wonders as he navigates through the inky blackness of the night. The silence was deafening and at this point the man is pretty sure that any kind of noise was better than this.

He’d gotten off from work late and it seemed as though night came early. As the man tripped through the ungodly darkness, he made a mental note to write the commission about lighting the outskirts of the town. Continue reading In the Woods Somewhere

I’m Not The Only One

Alice stood at the end of the country road, watching her husband drive off into the city. A smile ghosted over her face remembering when Jack would stare into the rear view mirror as he drove away. As much as she tried, Alice realized she no longer had it in her to wait for the man to drive out of view, and as the car was just a speck on the horizon she turned on her heel and headed back to their quaint little house.

Once she was seated at her dining room table, she comprised a list of all the rooms and compartments in the house by looking at the floor plans for their cottage. She then searched thoroughly until she found a slew of incriminating evidence.

Alice’s mouth twisted into a wicked smirk, it wasn’t the unfamiliar lingerie she was looking for, although that did convince her she was doing the right thing, it was the documents illustrating exactly what Jack had been up to financially. Continue reading I’m Not The Only One

Into The Ocean

The pressure Jared felt was almost bone crushing. He tried to back away gasping for air to no avail. He squirmed unable to see anything in the petrifying darkness. After a moment, he realized where he was, maybe it was the familiar feeling wet sand under him. Jared then crawled toward the shore coughing and still attempting, in vain, to breathe.

Suddenly, light flooded his eyes and the boy groaned in frustration. The pressure, however, was gone, his lungs were empty and he was feeling better altogether. He struggled to stand up and find his footing.

Jared examined his clothes seeing that his white shirt and mint green shorts were soaked. Even the boat shoes he was standing in were sloshing with water. He turned facing the large body of water, then spun around again facing his small town.

“Hmmmm,” The boy hummed rubbing his temples trying to rid himself of the splintering headache. “I need a drink.” The boy muttered, stumbling back into the town. Continue reading Into The Ocean