My Thoughts “Under the Harrow”

sUnder The Harrow

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Title: Under The Harrow

Author: Flynn Berry

Page number: 219


This book focuses on Nora, as she is on her way to visit her sister. When she arrives, her sister and dog have both been brutally murdered. Although the police are working on the case, Nora finds herself doing some investigation of her own. As she uncovers information about her sister, she finds out that everything is not as it seems.

What I Liked:

I thought that the descriptions in this book were really vivid and Berry was able to paint a really clear picture. I felt that the main character had a lot of depth and personality mainly because the book is mostly inner monologue. So there was a lot of time to explore Nora’s feelings and emotions. The problem with that, however, was that I learned very little about the other characters. This books definitely gave me a bit of a chill and was slightly creepy, which I really enjoyed!

*SPOILERS* I’m not sure if I liked this or not, but I figured I’d put it under what I liked. For the first time since beginning these reviews, I actually saw the ending coming. I’m not sure what tipped me off, but I definitely knew what was happening from less than mid-way through the book. *END SPOILERS*

What I didn’t Like:

This story was really hard for me to read for two big reasons. The first reason being that I really hate any kind of stream-of-consciousness or excessive inner monologue in novels. It’s sometimes pleasant when used for short segments within novels but it’s absolutely grueling for me to read in big doses.

The second aspect I didn’t like in the book was the murder itself. The victim in the book is Nora’s sister Rachel. The two were really close so when her sister dies it really strikes a chord with her. Having a sister myself, all of Nora’s emotions really spoke to me. I found the book as a whole extremely depressing, leaving it a really unpleasant read for me.

My Favorite Quote From the Book: 

“Before the funeral starts, I scan the church and kill each person in exchange for her.”

-Flynn Berry

“We walk past the bakery, and the queue inside it for bread and cakes. ‘I hate this.’ We walk past the wine shop and the building society. ‘No grit. No culture. It’s boring.'”

-Flynn Berry

General Impression of the Book:

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone who will be bothered by reading about someone going through the loss of a close sibling or anyone who dislikes exorbitant amounts of inner monologue. Another thing that I feel compelled to warn those who are considering reading the book about, is the brutality of the murder at the beginning of the book. Nora’s sister does have a dog, who is also killed. At times, I found myself a little exasperated with the main character and her inner monologue. Other times, I became genuinely confused and irritated with the book.


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