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Cover for “On Writing”

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Title: On Writing

Author: Stephen King

What page am I on? 56 of 284


At first glance, this book may seem like it can be completely explained through the title of the book. It is a novel “on writing” written by Stephen King. However, the actual book is more like a series of detailed and intricate flashes of King’s past. It offers the reader encouraging and useful tips on developing the skill of writing.

My Thoughts on the Book(so far):

This book has significantly soothed my worries about writing and taken a lot of the anxiety I get. Furthermore, there is a surprising amount of comedy, which I always enjoy in a novel. All in all, the book as a whole is comprised of richly, vivid childhood memories in snapshot formation. Personally, I feel that it is much like flipping through a family photo album. 

Favourite Quote (so far):

“[My childhood] is a fogged-out landscape from which occasional memories appear like isolated trees… the kind that look as if they might like to grab and eat you”

-Stephen King

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Short Story


Captain Ross Drake waits for the three other pirates to make their way down the ladder, folding his arms impatiently as he watches Captain Edward Hawke help his right hand, Lukas Francois down. The Frenchman closes the hatch behind him and he meets Drake’s eyes with a look of disdain. Drake immediately looks away and finds his first mate, Christian Deris, watching him closely. He’s leaned up against the splintering bulkhead, watching them all with reserved suspicion.

“We don’t have all day, I suppose,” Hawke announces as he leads the group through the passageway.

“If it’s not too much to ask. How are we to split this money, if we need all four of us to transport it?” Christian looks amongst the others, eyes darting around, seeming more nervous than usual.

“Once we get to the shore,” Hawke begins to explain as the men reach the end of the passageway. “I know a man on the shore who will exchange the gold for a unique and rare type of pearl. The black pearl is weightless and easy to carry. You will-”

“Why don’t we set eyes on the prize before we make any plans?” Drake interjects resting his hand on the rusted doorknob of the heavy wooden door.

Hawke raises a halting finger. “One last thing, Mr. Drake.” When ushered on he continues. “If there is no gold behind this door, can you give me five minutes to run?”

Drake blanches at the man. “Absolutely not!”

Hawke bobs on his feet. “One minute?”

“How about I give you ten seconds,” Drake offers and the other captain nods adamantly, willing to take anything he’s offered. “One, two.”

“Open the door then, give us a chance to escape if it’s empty in there,” Lukas protests.

Drake grips the doorknob and pushes it open. “Three, fou-ah! My God.” Drake’s voice dies in his throat as he takes in the sight of the room.

Drake’s heartbeat quickens and his pupils expand as he takes in the gold. Time seems to slow to a crawl and his senses go dull. The first thing he’s able to process again is movement as Hawke and Lukas charge forward, lunging into the riches. They find each other in the stack and entangle rolling around together.

He also notes that he’s being rocked back and forth by his first mate, Christian. The young man is jumping up and down beside him, shaking his captain excitedly. Christian leaves his side, climbing their earnings clumsily, and disappearing within it.

Drake summons enough strength to carry himself forward on wobbly knees and uncoordinated feet. He reaches the prize and collapses in it letting out a sigh of relief. The gold is cold and hard to the touch. It’s real, tangible, and it glimmers in the candlelight that seeps in through the passageway.

The next thing to hit him is the salty scent of the sea as well as the metallic biting smell of blood. The blood of the men that the pirates had to slain to acquire the gold they are basking in. Drake rolls over in the gold and chuckles as he listens to Francois and Hawke’s hysterical laughing and Christian’s soft humming. He lets the boat rock him back and forth until he drifts off to sleep.

Word Count: 757


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