Organizing My Thoughts on “The Ninth Configuration”


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Book Title: The Ninth Configuration

Author: William Peter Blatty

Number of Pages: 172


“The Ninth Configuration” by William Peter Blatty is a book about a military “rest camp” housing twenty-seven officers being housed as patients. These officers have all mysteriously contracted mental illnesses leaving the Pentagon to question the authenticity of their conditions. The government sends Colonel Kane, a marine psychologist, to discover the origins of the strange occurrences. This novel delves into hard-hitting issues like mental illness, faith and more!

What I Liked:

One of my favourite elements of the book were the characters. Each character was richly developed and had a separate voice that was highlighted through their individual quirks. My favourite character was Richard Fell, I think he had a wonderful introduction and there were many layers to his character.

What I Didn’t Like:

Normally, I don’t like reading about the military, but in this case, the book really didn’t dwell so much on that aspect. Instead, I found myself getting lost in the world that these characters live in.

My Favourite Quotes From the Book:


“Because every man who has ever lived has been filled with desire for perfect happiness. But unless there is an afterlife, fulfilment of this desire is impossible. Perfect happiness, in order to be perfect, must carry with it the assurance that the happiness won’t cease; that it will not be snatched away,”

– Colonel Kane


“And any universal craving – I mean a craving without exceptions – has to be capable of fulfilment. It can’t be fulfilled here, so it’s fulfilled, I think, somewhere else; sometime else,”

– Colonel Kane

General Thoughts on the Book:

One of my favourite genres is the Dark Comedy genre because I have a really twisted sense of humour. So I found myself laughing at a good portion of the book, which made the read enjoyable. When the book wasn’t supposed to be funny, I thought there was plenty of action that left me engrossed in the novel and constantly turning the page. In the end, it was a quick read that really left me wanting more.

If you want to know more about the author click here, and if you want to know more about the book and/or movie that was based on the book click here! Click here for a clip from the movie!

Word Count: 389


3 thoughts on “Organizing My Thoughts on “The Ninth Configuration”

  1. This book sounds really interesting, I like how it follows multiple patients instead of just one story focused on one character. It must open up for tons of options in story telling and perspective, and offer up a lot of character development. Over all, it seems like a great story!


  2. I just might have to give this book a read. I like how the authors main focus is on the soldiers and not war itself. The characters seem interesting and i want to get to know their story.


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