It’s Monday! What am I Reading?

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Cover for “The Ninth Configuration”

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Title: The Ninth Configuration

Author: William Peter Blatty

What page am I on? 69 of 172


“The Ninth Configuration” by William Peter Blatty is a book about a military “rest camp” housing twenty-seven officers being housed as patients. These officers have all mysteriously contracted mental illnesses leaving the Pentagon to question the authenticity of their conditions. The government then sends Colonel Kane, a marine psychologist, to discover the origins of the strange occurrences.

Favourite Quotes (So Far):

“I think about sickness, earthquakes, wars.” He lowered his head. “Painful death. The death of children. Children with cancer. If these are just part of our natural environment, why do they horrify us so? Why do we think of them as evil unless… we were programmed” —he felt for the words— “for someplace… else.” His voice seemed far away. “Maybe conscience is our memory of how things were. Just suppose that we haven’t evolved; that we’ve really been going backwards… more and more alienated from—” Here Kane stopped.
“From what?”
“Psychiatrist aren’t supposed to say ‘God’.”

– “The Ninth Configuration” by William Peter Blatty

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Short Story

A Vampire Story

Gabriel lets out a rough groan massaging his temples with his palms. “Ugh, I’m hungry,” The man says through gritted teeth.

“Here,” Ryker digs through his pocket to retrieve a vial of falsus blood as he explains. “I keep a few emergencies on me. Have this-” When he holds the vial out to his cousin the man shoves his hand away causing the glass to hurtle through the air and shatter against the brick of a nearby wall.

“I don’t want that,” The werewolf enunciates the last word with a growl.

“The accords-” Ryker protests weakly.

“I couldn’t care less about the accords,” Gabriel hisses.

The vampire purses his lips and puts and offended hand on his hip. “What’s your problem,” He demands, losing his temper.

“I told you, I’m hungry!” The man heads off in a random direction, pushing his way down the street. His back is hunched, head down slightly, predatorily.

Ryker feels it, the same bone-chilling intensity he felt the night his family died. He starts back in childish fear before shaking himself out the past as he chases after his cousin.

“Gabriel,” he shouts and decides not to do it again after he gets a good number of looks. He wouldn’t want someone to recognise them. Not when the werewolf was in such a malicious mood. “Gabe,” he repeats volume quieter this time. “Gabe, stop!”

Word Count: 442


2 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What am I Reading?

  1. The Ninth Configuration sounds like a very good story. What time period does this take place? And where does this take place? I would love to find out hwo this books ends, maybe I’ll give it a read.


    1. It’s interesting that you ask because it actually took me a while to pinpoint the time period myself. My first thought was that it was a period drama, taking place in the 17th century. However, a few pages in I realized it takes place in the late seventies after the Vietnam war. For most of the book, they’re in a gothic style “castle” in the US somewhere.


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