Lilacs & Sycamores

Part Two

When Mara heads to the back again, Jane is standing at the sorting table staring at her. “He was cute, no?” She asks in chirpy voice.

“He was alright,” Mara musters as she focuses on her next order of flowers.

“Alright? More than alright,” Jane persists tilting her head back and forth studying her bouquet. “You’re so frigid with people.”

“Maybe he was,” Mara admits rolling her eyes. She glances at the blonde witch as she continues to examine her bouquet. She feels the need to defend her behavior anyway. “He has a wife,” she says trying to keep her voice casual.

“So? It wouldn’t have mattered to you anyway. Every man who comes through that door, you treat the same exact way,” Jane continues absentmindedly.

“Is that really so bad? Maybe, I don’t want to get close to anyone. I don’t want to hurt someone, I don’t want to bewitch anyone, I don’t want to curse anyone, I’m not that kind of witch.” Mara mutters methodically filling in the flowers into a vase.

“That is not a ‘kind of witch’, those are things witches do.” Jane huffs out. “And I’d like to learn how to do them, but I can’t if you don’t know how to do them yourself.”

“I know how to do those things,” Mara growls before release a deep sigh. “He has a wife.”

“This conversation, isn’t about him,” Jane says turning from her flowers to look at the woman. “But if it were, this is what I say: He said he has someone special, that could be a girlfriend, a very new girlfriend. He hesitated before saying special.” Jane clears her throat attempting to mimic Everett’s gravely voice. “‘Uh, yeah- someone special’ They probably just started dating!”

“Okay, well, as you know, I‘m not breaking anyone’s relationship up. Regardless of how progressed it is.” Mara says waving her hands dismissively as she walks around collecting flowers for the next order.

“Pick someone single then, it doesn’t have to be him. But, people with one hundred percent human blood don’t honor the sanctity of relationships, why should we? Just because we’re witches doesn’t mean it’s in our blood to cheat, other non-witches do it too.”

“It’s not that I’m a witch. I’m not cheating, because I am not a cheater,” Mara voice has elevated to a shout and she flushes when she realizes her outburst.

“Fine,” Jane backs down immediately trying to reverse the damage.

Mara takes a deep breath. “It’s a sore spot for me, hexes and charms. I do know how to do those things… I know from practice. My sister and I, when we were younger we would do them all the time. It started harmless enough… we were careful until one day we weren’t.” Mara shrugs her shoulders. “As a teenager, prom was a huge deal to us. There was this boy we really liked but he had a girlfriend already and he was going to prom with this girl. So, Stella and I cast a spell on him, it… resulted in heartbreak. Actual, physical heartbreak. His heart exploded and he passed away after moments of excruciating pain.”

“God,” Jane cringes at her words.


“We practically murdered someone and I vowed to not ever do it again and so did Stella. For a while, we did nothing. Then, she got over it. Which is why she’s out living her life and I limit my magic to flowers. Honestly, I was seventeen at the time and it was eight years ago, I should have let it go too. ”

“I can’t… wow,” Jane looks at Mara for a while and the woman presses her lips togethere thinking of ways to change the subject.

“My sister, you’d like her. She’s sassy.”

“She always sounded so devious.” Jane offers understanding the shift in conversation.

“She’s something else, we used to sing ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ together when casting spells.” Mara laughs at the memories. “We would say the dumbest quotes, like ‘Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in Hell’ and we’d go on and on like that.”

“Awww, it sounds like you two were really close,” Jane muses.

Mara nods and returns her attention to the flowers. “Yeah, we were… we were terribly close and terrible.”

Word Count: 596


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