Open Space

Grace looks around the lunch room as she is jerked about by her chained wrist. She looks at the person in front of her and tries to lean over to look at the guard manning the chain.

They are eventually lead to a table where the guard comes around and chains them to the table, as the are chained to one side then another line of people are lead to another side. A girl with pale skin cherry colored hair and freckles, she smiles at Grace as she sits down.

“Hey Aileen.” The woman greets her watching the other sit down.

“Hmm, how are you?” She ask in her slight irish accent.

“I’m well, you?” Grace ask leaning her head down towards the table so she can push her black hair out of her face.

“I’ve been great.” Aileen tells her as food is set in front of them.

Once the guards wander off somewhere Grace leans in and whispers. “I got it.”

Jake, the man sitting next to her, drops his fork and looks at her  with wide brown eyes. “Got what?”

“A key.” Grace whispers.

“What?” Jake shakes his head in disbelief.

“Do you want her to say it louder so she can be caught?” Aileen ask sarcastically raising at the man.

Grace smiles and looks at her. “When should I come by and get you?”

“I say you put the key back. This place is good for us, better than out there.” Aileen presses her lips together.

“When’s  the last the last time you saw ‘out there’?” Grace ask dropping her fork.

“When I came here, the world was in peril. When  I was out there I never had a friend for more than a couple of weeks before she died.” Aileen argues also dropping her fork.

“It may be different, we are prisoners here Aileen!” Grace presses shaking her head and holding up her wrist.

“They said that they’d let you leave, if you wanted…” Aileen lowers her voice to a whisper.

“Yeah, because they let Esau leave.” Jake snaps and his voice is low and testy.

Aileen meets his eyes. “They did let him leave, and one day he’ll be back.”

“Who’s Esau?” Grace ask and looks between the two of them.

Word Count: 377


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