Finding Ryker

March 21, 2045

10:01  PM

Christoph looks around the table at the three other vampires as the table makes a harsh scratching sound. “I’d like to bring the Gambino topic up for discussion.”

Marco nods and kicks at the table, the “record” light flickers and the scratching stops.

“You fixed it!” Adrianna gasp looking at Marco in awe.

“Can we start?” Christoph cuts in.

“What do you have, streusel?” Adrianna ask leaning in to the table.

“That’s derogatory, I’m three-fourths German.” Christoph snaps, narrowing his eyes before clearing his throat and moving on. “For the longest we’ve been looking for the last member of the vampire counsel. As you all know, we’ve been unable to locate a Gambino member who’s survived the Gambino massacre.”

“Why are you giving us back story, we know all of this?” Adrianna ask.

“Well, I have new information on a Gambino. The last Gambino in the world, I’m sure.”

“Go on.” Nicolas nods.

“His name is a Ryker Gambino. He works at a bar called ‘Uptown Funk’.”

“How did you find him?” Marco inquires.

“I told you, I have connections crawling through the deepest, darkest corners of the streets.” Christoph explains. “He’s young, so I think I, being the youngest, should recruit him. Adrianna, you’re pathetic, dried-up and self-obsessed. So close your mouth, you are not recruiting him.”

Adrianna rolls her eyes and sits back. “That was harsh, I wasn’t going to fight you over it. I was going to ask if you’re planning on going now?”

“Sorry. I was going to go, as soon as I could leave.”

“I don’t think anyone else will have anything to say. Good job.” Nicolas mutters looking down at his hands.

“Awww, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me. Well, shut the table down when you’re done. I’m going to catch a predator.” Christoph says while showing his fangs.

“Good luck!” Adrianna and Marco say in sync as Christoph exits the building.

When Christoph enters the bar, he looks around spotting Ryker at the bar. He sits on a stool as some Lana Del Rey song goes off and Breezeblocks by alt-J. Ryker is speaking with a dark-haired man, staring in Christoph’s direction as the man leans in closer. Christoph plasters a casual smile to his face.

Inspired by:

Breezeblocks by alt-J

Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey

Word Count: 383


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