It Was Someone I Knew

May 1, 2045

4:10 PM

Christoph wiped off the coffee table pausing periodically to spray more Windex. He did this until the table was spotless, brightly showing the reflection of the light on the table top. He sighed and looked up at the news, reading the ticker tape and waiting for the more recent events.

There was a bang at the door drawing the vampire’s attention immediately. His large blue eyes focused on the door, but there was no more noise. When Christoph turns his attention back to the television, the front door swings open, crashing against the wall with a loud clatter. A man dressed in all black storms in, he’s holding a black Smith and Wesson.

“Kommen in die Hölle, und ihnen sagen ‘Ich komme’.” The man says before firing off the gun. The bullet pierces Christoph’s chest and seems to explode upon collision. Christoph falls onto his back and lets out a whimper.

He has a high pain tolerance, having been through a lot in his past. But this, this burns. The vampire can feel himself getting weaker as the blood pours from the wound. He crawls forward as the man passes by him, disappearing downstairs. In a couple of moments, the man is back holding a stack of files.

Christoph reaches out for him breathing a ragged breath. The man looks down at him and scoffs before walking on. It happened all so fast, but he realizes now that he recognizes the man. If he thinks about it… Yeah, he knows who it was. Yeah, he’s positive. Well, pretty sure, at least.

Christoph closes his eyes and he knows that someone will find him before he bleeds out and dies. At least that’s what he thinks, things aren’t so clear now. He might have cancelled that appointment.

Marco pulls into Christoph’s driveway and he notices the door is wide open. He leans over pulling his revolver out of his glove compartment with a frown. He pulls back the hammer and heads in the house. He sees the blood immediately, which draws his eyes down to Christoph.

As Nicolas pulls into the driveway he sees Marco’s car, the he sees the man running out. His front is covered in blood and he’s shouting something by the looks of it. Nicolas rolls down his window and leans out of it to hear.

“Call an ambulance, get help!” Marco shouts at him.

Translation: Go to Hell, and tell them ‘I’m coming’.

Inspired by:

This Tumblr post!

Word Count: 400


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