Ryker’s Revenge

March 20, 2045

11:40 PM

Ryker waits outside Uptown Funk leaning against the wall as the rain pours. There’s a cover over the alleyway, one that was put in after the bar installed their new outdoor speakers. The speakers are currently playing the soft, whirring beginning of “Secret” by Maroon 5. He hears the door to the bar open as the strumming of the guitar pours out of the speaker.

The man exiting the bar is murmuring something to himself, Ryker tilts his head and waits for the man to get a little closer to him.

“Hey,” He calls out to the man who spins on his heel to look at him.

“I thought you left already.” The man says and there’s a hint of suspicion in his tone.

“I waited,” Ryker begins and then he points at the man, adding “for you!”

“Well, did you need something?” The man ask frowning. He’s got dark brown hair and matching eyes. He looks to be in his mid-forties, but then again looks give away nothing when you’re a vampire.

“You’re the one who bit my friend. Mikhail, he works here.” Ryker raises an eyebrow, keeping his tone casual.

“Ahh, yes. The young human boy.” The man speaks as though he’s remembering back to a better time. “He ignored me. He said he was off from work, but he took the customer before me. I was offended. You see, the other customer was human.”

“He really was supposed to get off from work, he was supposed to leave thirty minutes prior.” Ryker explains, but the man  just shakes his head and laughs.

“That’s exactly the issue. Not the boy, but you!” The man starts. “Us! All of us, vampires. We don’t have anything because we don’t get off of our butts and get them! I am inventive, creative, productive! I sat on my couch and said ‘Vampires need to have an army. Hell, if the humans have one, why can’t we’. Now, look at me!”

Ryker rolls his eyes. “Why would you ever think about that… how are you going to do it? If anything, you’re proving the human’s right.”

“I’m Lucio Abbiati.”

“Ryker, Ryker Salino.” Ryker tells the man who smirks. “What?” He ask.

“This song is fitting, no?” The man says, before singing along. “Everyone has a secret, but can they keep it? Oh, no, they can’t.” He watches Ryker’s eyes narrow in confusion before saying. “Isn’t that right, Ryker? Ryker Gambino.” The man laughs a little to himself.

“H- how do you know that?” Ryker questions and the man continues to laugh. “Fine, for that I’m going to give you a painful death.”

“What? You should be proud, you’re the last remaining Gambino! The last of a very powerful family.”

Ryker grits his teeth and he feels his fangs tear through his gumbs. He growls low, preparing himself for a fight.

“Oh, did I offend you, kitty cat?” The man asks and Ryker knows that he’s baiting him, but he can’t care. He lunges for the man falling on top of him and scratching at him. The man kicks him off and he falls backwards, waiting for the man to stand again before lunging again. He pushes him against the wall and laughs at the irony of what he’s about to do.

He sinks his fangs into the man’s throat, tearing at the flesh. He pulls back, twists the man’s neck. Letting his body fall to the ground. He looks down at his boots now covered in blood, and sighs. “Jesus, I just cleaned these.”

He glances down at the man and frowns. He can’t help but wonder how the man knew who he was. He hasn’t told anyone in years, anyone but

Ryker lets out a deep sigh, he hasn’t told anyone but Moroi. He pulls out his phone dialing the man, and disappearing into the night.

Inspired By:

Secret -Maroon 5

Wires -The Neighbourhood

Word Count: 647


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