No. 1 Party Anthem

March 15, 2045

1:46 AM

Mikhail sighed looking at the time, he was supposed to get off from work half an hour ago. Normally, he wouldn’t mind but Ryker and him rented a bunch of one-night movies. He was supposed to be home to watch them. He always felt rude blowing Ryker off, because he always complained about them not doing stuff together.

“Charles, where is my cell phone,” Mikhail asks throwing up his hands in frustration.

Charles pauses his conversation with Jane and looks him up and down for a moment. “Attitude?”

“I was supposed to leave three hours ago… Of course I’m pissed. Serve some of the damn customers!” Mikhail stomps his foot angrily and Charles points at the liquor shelf.

“Your phone is over there,” He drawls before turning back to Jane.

Mikhail sighs before walking to his phone and picking it up. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a man staring at him. “Can I get a drink?”

Groaning internally, Mikhail turns toward the man. “Yeah, uhhhhhh I can get someone for you. Charles!”

The man heaves an overly aggressive sigh. “Why can’t you help me?” 

Mikhail turns o face the man head on. “I’m truly sorry, sir. I cannot help you, but Charles can. I’m off from work.” Mikhail sucks in a calming breath before shooting him am unapologetic smile. Then he turns to Charles again and screams at him to get to work.

Charles glances over and waives him off. “I’ll be there in a minute,” he shouts dismissively.

As he heads to the back of the bar, Mikhail checks his pockets to make sure he’s not carrying property of the bar home. Then he grabs his jacket, sticking his phone in the most accessible place. 

Pushing open the back door, the first thing to hit him is the cool, crisp night air and the sound waves of “No. 1 Party Anthem”. He glances up at the speaker at the top right corner of the bar backside to make sure birds weren’t nesting there again before walking on. 

Mikhail moves down the alleyway, unaware of the man watching him. “Hey,” the man calls out to him from his incognito space. 

Mikhail spins around, recognizing the customer from the bar. “Oh, hey. He took care of you? That was fast.”

The man shrugs and shakes his head. “I just left, it was taking too long. Besides,” the man mutters approaching the bartender. “why would I spend all my time in there when I can get a nice drink out here?”

“I don’t know, because you enjoy the company?” Mikhail throws his hands up in confusion and laughs a little before moving on.

Suddenly, the man is before him. Blocking his way, then pinning him against the wall. Mikhail immediately begins to struggle against the assailant, but it’s all in vain.

The man leans into hiss in his ear. “You know, all of you humans are the same. None of you can have a decent conversation with a vampire, you all think you’re better than us. Well, have I got news for you: If you were a vampire you could get out of this situation. Now who’s better?”

Mikhail begins to scream as he struggles, twisting any which way. With an ironclad grip the man slams his head against the brick wall behind him. Mikhail feels lightheaded from the blow, eyes focusing and in-focusing. 

His attacker exposes his fangs and he clamps down on his victim’s neck. Mikhail continues to struggle, moving less and less. The alleyway seems to get dimmer and dimmer until everything dissolves in a void of darkness.


Suddenly, the sound of “Afraid” by the Neighbourhood drifts into his subconscious. Mikhail lays there for a moment, listening to the music and the dripping of a rain pipe. His lungs burn as he takes in the cold winter air. When he opens his eyes, even the unrecognizable stars seem to shine too bright. 

Sitting up, water drips from his damp hair. Mikhail looks around eyes skimming rapidly until he locates his phone. When he remembers how to turn it on, it flashes and vibrates. The screen flickers and displays the time before dying again. Touching his neck, feeling for the source of the stinging pain. When he feels the two twin marks, it dawns on him what’s happened. 

Mikhail’s breath comes faster and it seems as though no matter how much aid he takes in nothing helps. He closes his eyes for just a moment, counting the times he taps trembling fingers on his pant leg. Once his shaking subsides, Mikhail stuffs his phone in his jacket pocket and heads home.

Inspired by:

No. 1 Party Anthem– Arctic Monkeys

Afraid– The Neighbourhood

Word Count: 677


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