Heart Skipped a Beat

Fiona shuts herself in her room making sure to lock the door and close all of the windows before crashing onto her bed, a fit of sobs wracking her body. This wasn’t supposed to happen to her, she thought. She hadn’t done anything to deserve this.

She fought her way under her covers trying not to think about Daegan, and his apparent disinterest in her. She curled in on herself squeezing one of her pillows close to her body and battling with thoughts of the dark haired man. Everytime she got close to thinking of something else the harsh banging returned followed by something like “Fiona, I’m sorry!” or a “Fiona, please just let me talk to you.”.

As if what she wanted was an apology, as if talking would change anything. How would that conversation go? She mused. ‘You’re right, I don’t pay you enough attention, feel free to cheat on me again’ The girl tried a laugh, but it felt too inappropriate.

Another disturbingly loud knock seems to knock some sense into her and she remembers her project for her chorus class. She had to perform at least on love song for Valentines Day! She was supposed to do a duet today with Daegan, but that wasn’t an option.

As Fiona threw on a red sweater and the nicest pair of jeans she had she silently cursed herself for not listening to Frankie. The woman warned her that this would happen, that she might not be able to perform the number because of relationship issues.

Fiona threw a glance at her red hair in the mirror before taking a deep breath and opening the door. Daegan stood there with roses and a box of chocolates he held them out with a weak smile.

“I’d already bought these for you.” Fiona barely looks at it before pushing past him. “We have to get down to the bar, y’know, for our number. I’d say ‘I’m sorry’, but I think you’re tired of hearing that.”

Fiona turned around to face the man who was following her. “You’re right, I am. But, it’s not just the sorry’s I’m tired off. It’s you.” She spins around and continues walking.

“But, it was just the one time.”

Don’t lie to me.” She warns him.

“Okay, it was a few times.” He placates.

“A good few. I’m telling Jack.” She says glancing over the shoulder to see the man has stopped now.

“What?” He says and she stops again. This time she really faces the man, meeting his green eyes.

“You heard me. He deserves to know what you’ve been doing with his- to her, to them, to us.” She feels her voice begin to break, so she takes a deep breath and steadies it again. She can’t ruin it before her piece.

“Fiona, can we at least do our duet… our back up one?” Daegan asks her as he catches her by the arm.


Inspired by:

Heart Skipped a Beat” – The XX

Islands” – The XX

Word Count: 506


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