Heart Skipped a Beat

Part 3

Jack slides out of the booth. He stands up and gestures for her to walk saying. “Lead the way.”

She walks to the back of the stage as Daegan comes in behind two guys who join Ezra’s table. He looks around, no doubt looking for Paige, Fiona, or Jack.

“What’s up?” Jack ask the girl once they are behind the curtain and Fiona meets his eyes.

“Me and Daegan broke up.” She says not sure how to tell him.

“Yeah, I heard your song choice. I’m so sorry about that.” He says and puts a hand on her shoulder.

Fiona takes a deep breath. “Yeah, he was cheating on me, with Paige, your girlfriend.”

Jack stares at her for a moment, then he begins blinking. Then he looks around and there are tears in your eyes. “You are sure?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Positive.” Fiona nods.

“Okay.” He says to himself looking down, then he looks at her. “Okay.” Then he looks at the light coming from around the curtain. “Okay.” He walks out suddenly and Fiona follows him.

She sees Paige coming out of the bathroom and watches from the edge of the stage. She sees the girl smile at the man again and Jack just shakes his head. Daegan who was standing in the corner, surveying the area walks up to Jack and Paige.

Jack is saying something to Paige and the woman’s smile disappears and her eyes widen, she slowly shakes her head. Jack holds up his hand in a ‘save it’ gesture.

Daegan stops heading toward the couple and instead turns around and scurries out the door. Paige begins to cry and Jack just backs away from her saying something else before he turns to walk away.

Jack walks back over to her. “Thanks for telling me, I appreciate it.”

At that moment, Taylor walks out on stage and she’s wearing hot pink a-line dress with a white skirt. “Next up is Jack and Paige with “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.”

Jack heads up to the stage as the people begin clapping he holds up his hands. “It’s just me, I’ll be singing “Yesterday” by the Beatles.”

When Jack finishes everyone claps, the after Paige comes up and introduces herself as she sniffles. “Hi, I’m Paige. I’m singing “Goodbye, My Lover” by James Blunt.”

Fiona sits at a table, stirring her drink and she watches Jack leave, then a few minutes later Paige is standing at her table.

“Why? Did you really have to tell him?” Paige says and Fiona looks up to meet her eyes.

“Yeah, I did. I had to tell him, just like you had to have my boyfriend.” Fiona tells her and Paige sighs and walks off angrily. “Bye!” Fiona calls after her. She sits there wondering if she did the right thing and eventually she begins to cry.

Inspired by:

A Thousand Years– Christina Perri

Yesterday– The Beatles

Goodbye, My Lover– James Blunt

Words Count: 497


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