Heart Skipped a Beat

Part Two

She stares at him for a minute and her mind races, she looks away thinking that they jinxed themselves by picking a back-up song. There was no signs of betrayal and she felt the need to ask how long had he been cheating. She closes her eyes and swallows down the need, before meeting his eyes again.

“Fine.” She bites out. “But, I’m still telling him.”

“Okay. After, right?” Daegan ask.


When they get to the restaurant, she sees Alex and two girls who must be twins sitting at a table. The group waves her over, but she shakes her head.

As she heads backstage, her eyes find Jack and Paige together. The couple is sitting in a booth and the woman is leaned on top of him. Jack is running a hand through her blonde hair and the girl is smiling up at him. When she notices Fiona approaching, her smile falters then comes back just as bright and as sunshiny as ever.

Fiona doesn’t stop to talk to them, sticking to her word and instead heads straight to the stage.

“We’re doing or back up song.” She hears Daegan telling the techs as she sits in one of the two stools.

After a moment, he is sitting next to her adjusting his microphone and everyone quiets down waiting to see the performance.

“Hi, I’m Daegan and this is Fiona, my… umm my friend and we’re performing ‘Heart Skipped a Beat’ by the XX. I hope you enjoy.” He smiles then looks at her and she nods her readiness. He turns to the techs and waves them to start the backing track.

Fiona sees Frankie and Benjamin enter the building and she remembers that they were supposed to eat at the fancy restaurant on the corner, she wonders what happened. A few minutes later she sees a much older couple enter and sit with them and by that point the music is starting and she doesn’t have much more time to think about it.

As soon as the performance is over she heads to Jack and Paige’s table. Paige’s blue eyes widen as she watches the woman walk over and she claps for her. “You were great!” She says offering a huge smile.

“Thank you, can I talk to you for a minute, Jack?” Jack looks up at her then turns to Paige as if asking her permission.

“Of course.” Paige sits up and turns to Jack.

“I have to go to the bathroom, anyway.” As the woman stands, she winks at her in the silly way she always has, the way that made Fiona think they were friends.


Inspired by:

Heart Skipped a Beat” – The XX

Heart Skipped a Beat lyrics!

Word Count: 446


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