Silly Love Songs

Darren spotted the unique shade of ashen grey hair, it was twisted into some complicated, intricate, yet organised braid. He speeds up catching the woman’s attention.

“Hey! How are you?” He asks the girl.

“I… I’m well, I guess.” The woman smiles and Darren finds it odd, it’s not like her usual smile, maybe it’s tighter.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Darren asks and the woman who looks around awkwardly. “Right, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to ha-”

“I apologise for cutting you off, you have me mistaken for someone else. I’m in a rush, sorry.” The girl brushed off her black blazer and dark jeans before walking off.

Ezra and he were in the same class last year and he thought that they got really close… maybe he was wrong.

“She didn’t know me!” Darren stresses. “She looked right through me!”

“What do you want me to say, you’re making it pretty hard to comfort you!” Calvin tells him as he searches through a pile of clothes. “Have you seen my grey henley?”

“No! I thought that we made a connection last semester. What if I was wrong?”

“Okay, so your Valentine’s day plans are ruined! Mine can still work out, though, I need to find that shirt. Alex said he likes that shirt!”

“It’s a cool shirt, I guess- wait, that’s not the problem! How do I remind her of who I am?”

“You don’t! It’s over for you…” Calvin gets to the bottom of the second pile of clothes. “and it’s over for me too! The shirt is gone, I’ve got to call and cancel.” Calvin goes to grab his phone and Darren swoops down and retrieves it. “Hey!”

“You’re not cancelling, you’ll wear a different shirt. I’ll go to a bar and we’ll both be happy for Valentine’s day…” Darren flops on the bed and sighs.

“Ummm… You are going to class, right?” Calvin ask.

Darren sits up and stares at the man for a moment. “No, I’m skipping.”

“Well, I have to stay behind and start baking… You don’t seem like you’re in a good mood and that’s just going to make me feel worse. With that said, you’ve got to go.”

Darren opens the door and the smell of cinnamon and vanilla hits him hard. Calvin comes around the corner and Darren cringes, there’s icing in his hair and flour covering his front.

“I think I’m going to be sick…” Calvin rubs his stomach. “I started eating the cookie dough and what not and…” He looks down at himself swallowing hard before returning to the kitchen.

“It smells pretty strong in here.” Darren mutters following Calvin where he stands sipping a glass of water. “Why did you make so much?” He ask looking at all the cakes and cookies.

“I didn’t know how much it would make and I thought I should make an extra serving for you…” Calvin explains. “Then, this happened.”

“Well, you’ve got to clean this up before Alex gets here.” Darren tells his roommate.

Calvin turns around and his brow is furrowed. “Umm…” He clears his throat. “He’s not coming.”

“Wait, what did you do? ” Darren furrows his brow.

“I’m going over there instead. I figured you’d want some time alone after your Ezra thing.” Calvin tells him, he’s picked up a large container of baking items and sets it on his bed.

“I told you I wasn’t staying here! I’m going out.” Darren narrows his eyes.

“Oh, I would call him back, but… I don’t want to seem wishy-washy.”Calvin explains.

“You are wishy-washy which is exactly why you changed the date once and now want to change it again!” Darren argues, the he stops. “You just don’t want him here-”

“Okay! Whatever! I don’t want him here, I don’t want him in my space! I’m not comfortable with it after my last year of no dating, the idea of getting back in the game is a little unnerving!” Calvin looks at him intensely then looks down. “Maybe, I shouldn’t- I can’t go to his place, ei-”

“We are going to that karaoke bar, they have the theatre and chorus students performing there tonight. Just tell him I wanted you to go. Just stop panicking.” Darren explains.

After a moment, Calvin seems to cheer up. “That could work.”

“I’m going to run out and get some stuff for class, I’ll see you later.” Darren says as he sets down his bookbag after retrieving his wallet.

“Alright.” Calvin mutters running a hand through wavy brown hair.

Darren lets out a breath of relief as he comes down the stairs, he hears a voice. “Hey, stranger.”


Word Count: 780

Silly Love Songs– Paul McCartney

Brokenhearted– Karmin


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