Silly Love Songs

Part Two

Darren spins around at the sound of the familiar voice. He sees the woman with ashy gray hair and dark eyes. She’s sitting at a high table sipping from a tea cup and holding a book in her other hand. She’s changed form the last time he saw her, now wearing maroon high-waisted shorts and a white crew neck shirt.

“Hey, Ezra!” Darren greets approaching the table.

“How are you?” Ezra tilts her head.

“Great, ummm… you remember me?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Ezra laughs.

“I don’t know…” Darren fiddles with his fingers. “Hey-”

“Do you- what?” They both speak at the same time and Darren gestures for the girl to keep speaking. “I’m going to the karaoke bar for valentines day.. do you want to come along?”

“Yeah, I was going to ask you the same thing!” Darren tells the girl.


“Yeah, my roommate Calvin and his new boyfriend is going too.. If you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind! It sounds like fun!” The girl smiles brilliantly.

“Cool, it’s a double date then?” Darren ask testing the waters.

“Definitely!” Ezra smiles. “Do you mind if we meet some people there?”

“Absolutely not!” Darren says before turning around and walking off throwing a goodbye over his shoulder.

Darren drops the supplies on the counter and shouts at Calvin wherever he is. “She’s coming with us!”

“Who is?” Calvin ask crawling from under his bed.

“Ezra!” Darren throws his hands up in a gesture that says ‘duh’.

“Oh! Okay, great!” Calvin says. “Look at what I found!” Calvin shouts and Darren looks up at him form the first time and sees Calvin’s gray henley.


“Under the bed the entire time!”Calvin frowns. “I spent all that time for it to be under the bed!”

“That sucks…”

“So what happened, did she recognize you or..?”

Later, after Calvin is caught up and the two boys are getting to the restaurant; they see Ezra and Alex talking and Ezra waves the newcomers over.

“Hey!” Alex says to Darren as he hugs Calvin. The man’s got blonde hair and large blue eyes. He holds out his hand to Darren and the man shakes it. “I’m Alex.”

“Darren.” He states offering a friendly smile.

“It’s funny that you wanted to go here, because Alex is actually a theater student and he needs to perform a love song sometime the week for credit.” Calvin informs Darren.

“Yeah, so in a few moments they’ll be calling my name and I’ll go up and sing ‘Silly Love Songs’ by the Beatles.” Alex says awkwardly.

“Have Oliver and Matthew gotten here?” Calvin ask Alex and he shakes his head.

“I think they’ll be late.” Alex tells him.

Darren doesn’t notice because he sees another woman, who looks just like Ezra approaching their table. She is wearing her hair in an intricate braided style and wearing a black shift dress with a pink collar.

“What the Hell? Who is that?” Darren ask pointing at the woman. Ezra and everyone else turns around and looks at who Darren is pointing at. After a moment of silence from the three, Ezra begins to giggle.

“Oh my God, you don’t know!” Ezra laughs and as the other woman sits down she grips her shoulder. “This is-” Ezra laughs again and the other woman looks around and sighs.

“Hi, I’m Ophelia. I think we’ve meant. What my sister is trying to say is that we’re identical twins.” Ophelia tells Darren and Ezra burst into giggles again.

Darren feels his cheeks heat up and it only takes a glance in Calvin’s direction for the other to get it and he stands from his seat and the table just so he can fall down laughing. Darren continues to glance around the bar and he sees a couple enter, the man wearing a fancy suit and tie and the woman wearing a bright red party dress. He doesn’t have time to recognize that they are dressed awfully nice for this college bar, before he notices a woman with straight, cherry red hair sobbing in the corner.

Darren turns back to Ophelia and he can see the difference, knowing that there is one. He opens his mouth to explain. “I’m sorry for harassing you, I-” The woman holds up her hand.

“It happens all the time.”

Word Count: 735

Silly Love Songs– Paul McCartney (glee version)

L-O-V-E– Michael Buble


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