Crawling Back to You

There was a grace period, a time where everything was acceptable and nothing was off limits. But, just like all good things it came to an end.

Ryker sucked in a painful breath as his stomach ached. He stood up shakily from his chair and pressed the power button on the remote control shutting off the television and dropping the remote control.

Food became limited and soon diminished into nothing but substitutes. They were shunned out of society more abruptly than they were integrated. Proving that they were fine for a party, even acceptable for the average teenage girl’s fantasy, but they were not a part of society, nor would they ever be.

Ryker stumbles into his bathroom and leans on his counter, turning the knobs and splashing water into his face. He stares into the mirror in time to catch his eyes flash a fluorescent gold just before they fade back into the more human brown.

The vampire stretches his mouth open wide and until he feels his jaw click before closing it back. He closes his eyes feeling another wave of nausea-inducing hunger wash over him. Ryker fishes in his pocket for his cell phone texting Veronica. Can I come over? It’s urgent.

Ryker feels his phone vibrate less than a minute later and checks the text. I said ‘drop by anytime’, didn’t I? He chuckles at the text, pulls on his black Doc Martens, and grabs his leather jacket before heading out into the aggressive winter air.

Ryker burst through the door and nearly collides with the girl as he staggers into her bedroom and falls to the ground. He stays there for a moment just staring at the carpet.

“Are you alright,” Veronica asks as she follows the vampire back into her room.

Ryker puts one hand to his throat and shakes his head furiously. “No, it’s bad, really bad.”

“Have you had anything?” Veronica examines him standing in the doorway.

“Yes, no. Nothing real… and that’s what I need.” Ryker strips off his jacket looking in Veronica’s bedroom mirror, he can see the golden glow of his eyes in the darkness and notices that Veronica is keeping her distance.

“I have the block… if you want it…” The girl suggests as she wraps her arms around herself.

“I need it, all of it,” Ryker mutters trying to steady his heartbeat.

Veronica goes to her closet suddenly pulling out a box she carries it into her bathroom where there is a thick metal bar bolted to the wall. She quickly hooks a pair shackles to it only looking back once she is finished.

“I’m ready.” She states and Ryker stumbles over sitting under the bar and lifting his arms. Veronica shackles them carefully making sure to double check the latch. The girl goes back in her box and pulls out an oblong cylinder. She fits it in the vampire’s mouth, the curve of the object causing his teeth to elongate trapping it.

“There, you’re all set.” She smiles weakly at the vampire who growls.

Ryker clenches his teeth as he feels his stomach constrict in hunger.

The supplements, they work most of the time for him. But, occasionally they aren’t enough. There are times like this where he needs to let this inhuman hunger subside naturally, he has to just let it pass.

Inspired By:

Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys

Lyrics here!

Word Count: 557


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