In the Woods Somewhere

Why in the Hell does this always happen to me? Asher wonders as he navigates through the inky blackness of the night. The silence was deafening and at this point the man is pretty sure that any kind of noise was better than this.

He’d gotten off from work late and it seemed as though night came early. As the man tripped through the ungodly darkness, he made a mental note to write the commission about lighting the outskirts of the town.

Asher pursed his lips with the mindset of whistling, but something beat him to it. A bloodcurdling scream tore through the darkness snatching the man’s attention. He spun falling to the ground that was made soft by fallen leaves.

The scream echoed and bounced off of things unseen and resonated in his ears. Asher stood suddenly shaking and turning wildly trying to locate the scream. He chased the sound into dense forest, running until it stopped. His blindness suddenly becomes apparent in the deafening silence, and he thinks that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to run into this blind.

A light sparks up a little ways in front of him and he chases it down, once he’s a few yards away he notices the shadow of a person at the center of it.

That must be the one who screamed. Asher thinks as he gets closer. The light begins to fade and he picks up his pace making it just in time to see the figure drop to the ground.

When the light fades, Asher notices that the moon and the stars are out, shining brightly. He crouches over the victim examining him, realizing he’s that he’s just a boy.

“Hey, are you alright?” Asher inquires shaking the stranger gently.

“I’m Iofiel.” The boy answers opening his eyes and Asher is stunned by the incredible blue. Iofiel only looks at him for a moment before he turns over wincing.

“That’s not what I was- whatever, are you hurt?” Asher presses and Iofiel just nods before going limp in his hands. He turns the boy over and notices that there are two deep vertical wounds on his back that are caked with blood. When he looks up he sees narrowed eyes watching him in the darkness. He holds the beings gaze until a moan from Iofiel breaks his trance.

The man scoops the boy up carrying him out of the forest and running to his house. He doesn’t stop until he hits the cemented steps leading to the front door. Asher bangs on the door unable to open it with his hands full.

Gavin answers the door already speaking. “You’re late again. What did we talk about! It gets dark and dangerous out there!”

“Okay, I know.” Asher says still panicked and when Gavin sees Iofiel he begins to say something else. “We have to help him, Gavin!” Asher shouts pushing past the man.

“Where did he come from?” Gavin ask as Asher sets Iofiel down on the clean kitchen table, on the boy’s stomach.

Asher’s dark and haunted eyes meet Gavin’s grey ones. “I found him in the woods somewhere.”

Inspired by:

In the Woods Somewhere” – Hozier

Victorious” – Sasurai Goza Makura (Les Twins)

Word Count: 526


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