To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often – Winston Churchill

Hello everybody! So, I noticed I have some new readers and I just wanted to reintroduce myself. I’m Jasmine, a dual-enrollment student in the eleventh grade. I hope to become and english/literature teacher, teaching students anywhere from middle school to college.

I started Hopeless Romantic for my english class and I decided to continue it over the winter break. No, I didn’t fail my English class and I don’t have to re-take it, I’m taking the next course. But, when this course is over I hope to keep blogging anyway.

My blog started out with me posting about romantic movies, books, and television shows. However, this got old… really quickly. Anyway, I posted a slightly creepy ghost story for this past Halloween and I decided that I really enjoyed writing the story. Sooooo… I decided to start writing short stories instead.

Sometimes, the stories will have multiple installments and can be any genre just because romance can get a little boring… just a little. I hope you aren’t to upset about this small change.

The Sun and the Moon is one of the longest things I’ve written, it’s all posted here on this blog. It’s a period romance set in the Middle Ages and the main character is a young woman named Arabella. Here’s a link to the first part if you want to check that out and it’s all archived under the category: The Sun and the Moon.

After a year of blogging, I hope to have a blog that is updated regularly and has a large variety of works ranging from things I’ve written to things I’ve heard about. I would love comments and constructive criticism, so long as it’s not rude. Oh! I should probably also say thanks for reading about me, and I hope you enjoy whatever I decide to post next!

Word Count: 306


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