The Sun and the Moon


“You’re worried about him, I can tell. I want you to know that I built this castle with my bare hands, with you and all of your loved ones in mind. Erik being a… brother to you, as you’ve told me many times, will stay here. Until we can have something better built for him.” Garrett whispers to her.

“I know, I’m just nervous.” Arabella nods.

“He’ll be fine.” Garrett insist.

“Not about that, about speaking to these people. How did you and Erik do it? I don’t think I’m strong enough- maybe.” Arabella attempts to steady her breath.

“You’re stronger than him… and me.” Garrett cups the side of her face. Arabella’s eyes widen. “What?” Garrett ask her.

“You- you’ve said that before.” Arabella tries to explain.

“Not surprising, it’s true.” Garrett smiles.

“Yeah, but it was- I wasn’t- you weren’t…” Arabella shakes her head. “You know what? I don’t care.” She smiles and kisses Garrett’s forehead.

“They’re ready.” Mia comes in brushing her red hair out of her face.

“Let us go.” Garrett hops up from his seat beside his wife and Arabella follows.

They stand behind the curtain and she sees Mikhail’s silhouette walk to the front of the balcony standing next to Wesley. He plays the royal fanfare and when he finishes Wesley announces. “The King and Queen of New Edardothiel.” They both move to the side, sitting with the rest of the knights.

“Hello, everyone. I have spoken to you all many times before, so you must be tired of me by now.” Garrett paused while laughter bubbled out of the crowd. “So, I’d like my wife and our queen to speak with you all.”

Arabella walks to the front of the balcony and looks down at the people. “Greetings, let me start by saying: We’ve lost many this past week from the war. And, the pain you must be feeling is incomprehensible. However, I would like to urge you all to not give up. Even in the darkest hour you must hold on to hope. I’ll tell you something a friend told me: you’re only as weak as you let allow yourself to be, and if you show that weakness to your enemies they will use it against you. I want to remind you not forget why you started and who you started for, because those people still need you.” Arabella swallowed. ”And I’ll leave you with one more thing: evil is not born into this world, it’s created. It’s good that’s been twisted and corrupted till it’s barely recognizable. It’s our job as good people, to not only stop it, but to heal it, to change it. Thank you.”

Arabella bows her head graciously before she walks away from the stand and approaches Garrett, who has this comically wide smile that reminds her of when they were kids. Arabella wraps her arms around his neck and he kisses her. Of course, she knew the kiss wouldn’t last forever, and their serenity wouldn’t either, but there was one thing that she was sure of… her happiness was boundless.

Sound of Pulling Heaven Down by Blue October

Word Count: 514


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