The Sun and the Moon

Part 8

“You go first, they’ll let you by.” Mikhail states plainly.

Arabella then takes the lead approaching the side of the castle, the war was going on in the front and Mikhail suggested that they go in through the side before the fight spreads. She walks onto the bridge built over a deep lake. As she walks she spots Mia, one of the maids. “My queen! There is a man fighting the king!”

“I know let me by.” Arabella nodds.

“No! He’ll kill you too!” Mia shouts, she’s shaking and clearly frightened. Mikhail shakes his head and grabs Mia by the arm.

“I’m sure you’re a sweet girl, so I am sorry.” He tells the girl before tossing her off the bridge and into the lake.

“You want to save the Prince, I’m just helping.” He tells Arabella, who looks at him in shock.

After this exchange, the two proceed. Arabella and Mikhail decide to check the Prince’s bedroom first. She swings the door open and finds Garrett and Erik. Harsh iron clanging pours out of the room as the swords clash.

“Garrett stop!” Arabella shouts

“Why, so I can be beheaded?” Garrett swings the sword again nicking the Prince’s arm.

Erik swings his own sword up and slashes at Garrett’s side landing another hit. Garrett falls to the side rolling and recovering easily. Erik drops the sword and holds his hands up with a sharp smirk.

“I’ve stopped.” He says with faux innocence.

Garrett drops his own sword and stands slowly. He’s in front of the window looking between Erik and Arabella. “What is this?” He asks.

“Erik, calm down.” Arabella says holding her hands out in a calming gesture, she wasn’t quite sure what her plan was but, she could figure one out. Erik saunters over to his bed, he goes into a drawer and pulls out a cuff latching it onto his wrist. He then turns, taking Arabella’s wrist and latching the other cuff onto it.

“I am calm, this is… reassurance.” He smiles brightly. “We can all be friends. Let’s switch places Garrett… honey.” Erik scowls the last word was spat like venom. Garrett slowly moves to the other side of the room going left, Erik going right. Arabella stops in the center, watching Garrett join Mikhail, who looks around nervously.

“There are people coming, Erik. Wesley’s on his way.” Arabella informs Erik as he lifts his sword from the ground.

“Wesley, if I recall, can’t kill a fly.” Erik shakes his head and they stand there like that for a moment frozen. Then breaking the silence is the sound of feet, running.

“Wesley!” Mikhail calls and suddenly Wesley appears and everything happens so fast. He aims and the arrow lands in Erik’s shoulder.

“See he couldn’t kill-” Erik clutches his head and sways. He blinks and tilts his head confusedly before falling back out of the window.

Arabella’s wrist is yanked and she catches herself by spreading her free arm out. Garrett grips her waist and fights to hold her and Erik up. Arabella looks down and sees that Erik has regained consciousness.

“Pull us up, please!” Arabella shouts. She notices that Erik is only a foot or two above the ground. “Wait!” She looks at her wrist and whimpers. She then lets go of the window sill as Mikhail and Wesley come over to help.

The woman pulls on the shackle and notices that it’s mainly her thumb in the way. She gulps in air and yanks the chain down and her wrist up. There’s an audible pop and she screams. Erik falls to the ground and the others pull her up. She puts her other hand over her mouth and inhales and exhales rapidly through her nose. Mikhail runs back to the window pulling out a small instrument and blowing into it.

He plays a quick tune before shouting. “The war is over, King Garrett has won!” A cheer erupts from the mass of people below and Arabella leans back into Garrett who clutches her tightly to him.

Inspired by:

Latch” by Sam Smith

From Eden”  by Hozier

Release You”  by Tom Misch and Carmody

Word Count: 675


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