The Sun and the Moon

Part 7

Garrett stands behind the men, as they ram the battering ram into the door once again. There was a war raging behind him and in front of him he was moments away from getting revenge. He felt the corners of his mouth tilt up in a smile. He couldn’t help it, over ten years of planning was about to pay off.

The door was hanging on a thin hinge and he pushed his way forwards and kicked it open. Surely, there was no use in using the battering ram for that. He examined the castle and observed a woman who shouted in shock. “Protect her.” He tells one of the men. “That’s Arabella’s mother.”

He walks past he lounging room and through a hallway pushing a door at the end of the hall. It leads to another hallway with more doors. Opening one of them he sees the Prince looking out the window. There is a bed, dressers, and shelves off to the side of the room. “Hello, your majesty.” He smiles and turns to the rest of the men. “Go, check the rest of the castle.”

Erik turns to face the Garrett, he frowns in confusion. “Who exactly are you?”

“Garrett… you killed me and married my fiance.”

Erik raised his eyebrows. “Oh, I do remember you. Arabella’s… how did you survive even?”

“Yeah, about that… Your Knights, didn’t trust you enough to carry out one more of your orders.” Garrett pulls his sword off his back.

“No. You’re a ghost, a vengeful spirit. I don’t want to fight you, have Arabella. We’re just friends. We haven’t even umm- well, we’re not even technically married.” Erik steps back as Garrett advances.

Garrett tilts his head and swings the sword. “I don’t care.” Erik holds out his hand then runs to a bowl sitting on a shelf. He lifts it up as Garrett chases after him. Erik turns and throws it on to the man.

“Sire, are you alrig- ah!” The small girl with short red hair shouts when she sees Garrett.

“Holy water… cannot help you now.” Garrett scoffs and points at the window, at the war raging below them. “A thousand armies, couldn’t keep me out.” The girl spun and ran out of the room.

Erik rubbed at his temples, shivered, and clicked his jaw. “Take whatever you want… You should leave before you get hurt…”

“I don’t want your money, or your crown. I am here to burn your kingdom down.” Garrett whispers ferociously as he kicks a stool out of his way.

Erik looked down for a moment and stumbled to the bed and for a moment he falls back on to it eyes closing as he goes limp. He suddenly jerks, reaching under the pillows and pulling a sword. “Fight me then, little boy. If those peasants won’t kill you- then I will.” Erik smirks and he swings the sword.

Inspired by:

Seven Devils – Florence + the Machine

Word Count: 488


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