The Sun and the Moon

Part 6

“All this time… How have you survived?” Arabella shakes her head in wonder.

“It’s simple really, the king had been stealing land for the longest. The soldiers, however, were beginning to understand that all the land they were seizing couldn’t have possibly been his. They wanted to start a rebellion but they needed a leader. Ideally, someone who wasn’t afraid of the royals, I’m not afraid of the royals. I became their leader, and when we visited the other territories, they rallied behind us and called me their king.” Garrett looks back at the woman, blue eyes meeting brown. “I think the rest is self-explanatory.”

“Where are they… your army?” Arabella frowns.

Garrett stands, turning to face the woods he whistles a short tune. A man pokes his head out from the side and looks around. After a moment, there were dozens then hundreds, a soldier behind every tree.

“P-prin- Arabella?” Wesley struggles to leave off the formal address.

“Queen Arabella.” Garrett informs the man. “Calm down, we can trust her.”

“How can you be sure? She married the Prince, sire.” Wesley whines.

“Stop.” Garrett holds his hand out in a calming gesture.

“Yes, sir. The infantry is prepared to march forwards.” Wesley says looking down.

“Take Arabella to…” Garrett thinks for a moment. “Mikhail, she’ll like him.”

“I can look after her.” Wesley offers.

“You don’t have the easiest personality, Wesley.” Garrett shrugs his shoulders and offers a half smile.

Wesley and Arabella walk until they reach a clearing with a small hut with a fenced in area filled with horses, he stops abruptly in front of it and  turns to Arabella with a frown. “Look, umm” He fidgets nervously. “I just wanted to say, thank you. I can tell already, he’s so different… happier. So… thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Arabella nods. “Really, I should be thanking you and everyone else for looking after him.”

“Wesley? Is that you?” A man- Mikhail, maybe- calls out.

Wesley’s frown contorts in irritation. “Of course it’s me! No one else can stand you enough to come out here!” He shouts.

“Darling why must you hurt me?” Mikhail swings the door open. He’s tall and thin with thick black hair that’s pushed back in a calm style.

“Please-” Wesley begins covering his faces. “…shut up. This is Arabella, Queen Arabella.”

“You guys have captured her?” Mikhail gasp out.

“No, as in our King’s Queen.” Wesley explains.

Mikhail narrows his dark eyes. “Arabella married-”

“Water under the bridge.” Wesley mutters. “The King’s gone off to kill that… monster- and everyone in the castle, reaping the benefits of the destruction he’s caused.”

“Good.” Mikhail nods.

“Wait, my mother lives in the castle! She cannot die, and the Prince what’s happening it isn’t his fault.” Arabella says as realization of what’s about to happen dawns on her. When she get’s confused looks she shakes her head. “It’s complicated, yes, the prince is evil, but- he’s not evil. Take me back there, please!” She urges Wesley and he just stares in shock.

“Why should I believe you?”

Mikhail shakes his head and goes to the horses opening the gate, he beckons to one. When the horse comes out he saddles it up.

“What are you doing? Garrett told me to bring her here, she-.” Wesley begins.

“If she is lying” Mikhail cuts him off looking at Arabella. “then she deserves to be slaughtered with the rest of them. If she isn’t then innocent people need not die because of our ignorance.” Mikhail looks back to Wesley. “Retrieve a bow from the hut, and go back to the castle, if the Prince is armed… kill him.” Mikhail hops onto the horse and rides over to Arabella, who also gets on. He shouts a call and the horse takes off into the woods.

Latch – Sam Smith

Do I wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys

Do I wanna Know – Hozier (cover)

Word Count: 633


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