The Sun and the Moon

Part 4

Erik, the king, sat across the room, curled up in a large chair. He’d been complaining of a headache and a stiff neck all morning. “Your mother told me you were afraid of the dark, it was a long time ago. Around when you and I were married.” He mentions casually.

“It’s not exactly the dark…” Arabella looks up from her own book in curiosity.

“Yes, that’s right! It’s small dark spaces, isn’t it?” The King nods rubbing his chin in remembrance as he suddenly sprawls out on the chair.

“Why?” Arabella frowns feeling her stomach flop with nerves, she’d rather keep her biggest fears a secret.

“You said that the very idea of your former lover scared me and knowing that, you still bring him up every now and then. In return, here’s a present.” The King stands and prowls out of the room, it was bizarre compared to his usual stroll.

“Here we are!” She can barely hear the man over a horrible scraping sound, it was a dragging noise-

“What is that?” Arabella ask unable to keep her voice from trembling as the King pulled the thing to the center of the room. It was a black box with a pale cross plastered to the top of it.

“A coffin for my little corpse.” The King smiled as he approached the woman. He captures her wrists in a bruising grip and yanks her from her seat.

Arabella tries to scratch at the man. “Don’t…” The King says sternly as if scolding a small child. “Stop.”

“Please… stop, Erik. I am scared.” Arabella stares into his eyes and there is something different about them, his pupils are stretched so that a thin ring of brown was all that was left of the iris. Frozen with fear, she lets the man push her in.

Erik then pushed the top over sealing her in darkness. After a moment, she heard the sound of a lock followed by silence.

Her entire body was shaking. This is it, Arabella. Just let yourself die. Arabella closes her eyes, listening to her thoughts.

“I missed you, Ara.” Arabella’s eyes snap open and she sees Garrett who seems to give off a nearly blinding glow lighting everything up. He feels warm to the touch as he presses his hand to her cheek.

“Garrett, I- is this what it feels like. To- to die, I mean?” Arabella huffs nervously.

“You’re not dying, I will not let you. Hold on, Arabella. You are stronger than him… and me.” Garrett rolls onto his side and traces the side of her face. “Arabella, you must hold on. I am coming back for you Ara. My promise still stands. Arabella.” Garrett begins to fade, and yet Arabella still hears her name.

It get’s louder and louder and eventually she feels someone grab her shoulders. In Garrett’s direction she sees nothing but a wave of water. Gasping for air, she stretches her arms out trying to get away. As she struggles in vain, the water fills her lungs and causes her chest to burn. In another moment, someone has pulled her up and the light returns.

Arabella sees Erik and he lifts her out of the box as she sucks in air. She looks down at herself but she is dry as a bone. Erik’s eyes are wide his pupils reduced to a normal size. His mouth is moving with inaudible words and there are tears in his eyes.

It takes a while for her hearing to return. “‘O sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. I-”

“You locked me in there!’ Arabella screams at him and he looks at her in surprise.

“I- the sunlight is so bright in here.” The king shields his eyes from the dim light. “I have to do… to do something. You’re welcome to stay here.” Erik stands and offers a kind smile.

“Yes, I’ll stay.” Arabella nods and leans her body on the side of the coffin.


“He seems to suffer from personality spells. It’s hard to pinpoint how many there are but, so far we’ve come across two. One prefers to be addressed as Your Majesty, he tends to be a little harsher. Then there is Erik, he seems normal for the most part… and much nicer.” The royal doctor informed Arabella who sat in silence mulling over the details. “Will you be alright with him?”

“Of course, I’ve lived with him for ten years now. Nothing has changed.” The doctor nodded and scurried out of the room. Arabella looked down at her lap and clutched her arms to herself. She squeezed tighter and tighter until she knew she wouldn’t cry.

Inspired by:

Guts Over Fear – Eminem ft. Sia

Click the link for more info on Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Word Count: 784


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