The Sun and the Moon (Cuts)

The following post is a moment that has been cut out of  the original “The Sun and the Moon” part 2. It takes place on the morning of the wedding.

Arabella had been in tears for the better part of the morning. She didn’t know how her mother was able to convince her to marry the prince. Although, when she thought about her family and what might happen to them if she refused the prince, the decision was easy.

The girl stood at her window letting her tears fall now that she was alone. Her ladies-in-waiting had come and gone informing the ceremony would be in an hour. She had just stepped away from the window when she heard it.

“Now that I got you in my space I won’t let go of you…” The soft and airy tone of the teen’s voice drifted in.

“Got you shackled in my embrace, I’m latching onto you.” Arabella finished the song running back to look out the window.

“How are you, my bella?”

“I’m so much better now.”

“Your wedding is soon…” Garrett mentions as he kicks at the ground.

“Garrett, I’ve been thinking. When you come back from the war, my brother and sister will probably be old enough to support themselves. If they could get away from the prince along with my mother and father, then we could run away together.” Arabella whispered urgently as she leaned out the window.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea… Arabella you have got to be sure about this. If I get back and you have grown accustomed to the wealth, if you no longer want to be with me… To lose you twice would kill me.” Garrett seems to sober up, eyebrows furrowing and eyes darkening.

“I love you, my soul is intertwined with yours. We may change physically- but mentally, spiritually, we belong to each other. I belong to you as the moon belongs to the sun and vice versa. We are together now, we will be reunited once again.” Arabella insists resting her forehead against his.

“You’re right. I will be back for you. There’s no need to worry, even if I die in the war… No matter what…. no matter what.” Garrett insist closing his eyes.

“Who’s this?” Arabella flinched away at the sound of the Prince’s voice.

“My friend, Garrett. He was consoling me… I don’t think I’d be able to keep a level head without him.” Arabella struggles to explain.

“Ah. Well, it’s time.” The prince smiles and gestures towards the door.

“Come to the wedding!” Arabella says to Garrett before spinning around and heading out, in front of the Prince. However, just before the royal exits he turns to Garrett.

“If you don’t get lost, I will make you disappear.” He threatens.

“I’m not invited to the wedding?” Garrett feigns offense.

“Absolutely not, you and Arabella think that I’m fooled. I see you two.” The royal spins around and swishes out. Of course, that wouldn’t stop Garrett from attending the wedding, he just needed a disguise…


Arabella looked both ways down the hallway before entering her room. She was able to sneak away from the prince for a moment. She ran to her dresser and dug through her clothes till she found it. On the day that Garrett told her he loved her he gifted her with a necklace, it was silver and had dangling letters that spelled out her name. She pulled it and clutched it to her chest for a moment before hooking out around her neck.

When she turned around her mother was standing in the doorframe. “Oh my, I nearly jumped out of my skin!”

“Arabella, what are you doing with that trinkett…. Didn’t Garrett give that to you?” Her mother stepped into the room. “Take it off, now.”

“If I take this necklace off… then I don’t get married.” Arabella raised her head in a challenge.

Arabella’s mother walked slowly towards her with an ill-fitted smirk. She reached out suddenly striking like a snake and tearing off the necklace. She throws it on the ground causing Arabella to gasp looking between the necklace and her mother.

“What? You’re an adult now, get over him.” She glares at her daughter, eyes narrowing into slits.

“I will not marry him.” Arabella shakes her head softly tears sliding down her cheeks as she leans down to get the necklace.

Her mother leans down and grabs the necklace up before Arabella can. “You can have this back after the wedding.” She then gives an apologetic smile and cradles her daughter’s face. “You look beautiful.”

Arabella pulls away walking to the window and staring out.

“Princess Arabella!” Arabella hears Yaite, one of her ladies-in-waiting, shouting from down a hallway somewhere no doubt looking for her. Arabella goes stiller than ever remembering what Garrett looked like earlier standing there… adoringly.

“Think about your family, Ara!” Her mother begs.

Word Count: 824


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