The Sun and the Moon

Part 3

Surprisingly, Garrett was able to get a seat upfront. It was as if something changed about him, all people did was take one look at him and move out the way.

“You look dashing.” Garrett turned towards the voice. It came from a man with dark hair and striking green eyes.

He grinned at the man. “Oh, it’s you Wesley. Calm down. Thank you! I thought the hat would be too much.” Garrett says gesturing to the article of clothing on his head.

The man yanks him closer by the front of his shirt lowering his voice to a whisper. “Oh, it’s definitely too much, that hat is for a Knight! You’re not a knight, Garrett!”

“I’ll be a knight one day, hopefully. I’m just dressed like this to get closer to the princess.” At the strange look he gets from his friend he adds. “I know her, of course. We are friends.”

“You’re lying…” Wesley begins but shakes his head after examining Garrett. “No. You’re crazy.”

“Whatever, I’m going up there.” Garrett begins to move easily through the crowd eventually Wesley’s protests are drowned out. He continues until he’s gotten to the front.

After a few moments, the Prince enters wearing some ostentatious getup, followed by some knights, Arabella’s family, and finally Arabella.

Garrett hummed the beginnings of a tune that he and Arabella created long ago. Arabella looked up in surprise her dark eyes scanned the crowd looking for the source. When she laid eyes on Garrett her face softened and a smirk danced on her lips.

“Got you shackled in my embrace…” She continued picking up where his humming had ended.

“I’m latching onto you.” The two sang in unison just before the royal fanfare ended.

Once there was silence the prince began to look around as well, searching for Garrett. The clergyman cleared his throat and just as he began to speak the prince held up his hand in a halting gesture.

“I told you I’d make you disappear, and yet you showed up to the wedding anyway…” The prince gestured towards some of the knights then toward Garrett. “Kill him.”

“Wait!” Arabella shouts drawing everyone’s attention. “I- I won’t marry you if you kill him.” She looks around seemingly lost for a second before continuing. “I asked him to be here. It’s my fault he came.”

A shocked murmur rose from the crowd.

“Okay, hearing everything you’ve just said… Kill him anyway.” The prince shook his head and shrugged as if saying it was out of his hands. The knights grabbed Garrett by his arms carrying him away.

“Garrett!” Arabella shouted trying to chase after him, but the prince gripped her, holding her in place.

“Don’t worry, my darling! My promise still stands! After all, now that I got you in my space, I won’t let go of you!” Garrett yelled back as the guards struggled with him. Eventually, they wrangled him out of the church and Arabella closed her eyes. Flinching when she heard the finalizing slam of the closing church doors. She could barely breathe as she listened to the sick thud of her heartbeat.

With a nod from the prince, the clergyman rushed through the ceremony stumbling over his words as he went. When it came time for the kiss, Arabella attempted to twist out of the arms of the Prince but his grip only tightened as pressed his lips against hers.

“That was painless…” The prince offered, but then he looked at the door in mock surprise. “Well for the most part.”

The two were escorted by a knight through the back doors of the church then down a hallway and into a room. The two were seated at a small table in the church.

“Thank you, Westy.” The prince nods at the knight.

“Wesley, your highness.” Wesley corrects before doing a short bow and fleeing the room.

Arabella cannot bring her eyes to meet the prince, but instead focuses them on the floor. “You’re angry, aren’t you?” The prince scoffs.

“You murdered an innocent person… My first instinct was right, I cannot be with you.” Arabella leans her head on the back of the chair she’s seated in, deep in thought.

“We’re married, who else would you be with?”

At this, Arabella finds herself able to look at him. Her dark eyes meet his and the corner of her mouth twitches up into a toothy smile. “You are married to my corpse, my soul died when you killed Garrett.”

And she speaks with such certainty that the prince knows that he’s made a mistake, he shudders and gulps before he recomposes himself. “Well nevertheless, I’m married. So I should make the most of it.”

Inspired by:

From Eden” – Hozier

Latch” – Sam Smith

Release You” – Tom Misch and Carmody

Word Count: 791


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