The Sun and the Moon

Part 2

Arabella, my moon,

I have just learned that I am set to go off to war with the rest of the young men in our town. I am sorry for the short notice, but could we possibly meet up at the farewell ceremony for the new infantry. I would love for you to come I would love it if you came If you would like to attend, I’d be honored.

Garrett, your sun.

Arabella felt tears well up as her mind went wild. ‘What if he returns changed by war or he finds someone else or he doesn’t return at all…’


“Don’t worry Ara, I’ll be back and when I return we can get married. I promise.”

“Why, wait?” Arabella ask gripping the front Garret’s shirt.

“Fine, we shall get married early morning.” Garrett nodded to himself. “Before I depart.”

“Okay, thank you.” Arabella sighed a breath of relief and rested her head on her fiance’s chest. “We should see who the prince is marrying, he’s revealing his bride at the ceremony.”

“I know that Ara, it is only the third time you’ve told me.” Garrett nodded again stroking her hair.


The couple arrived as the prince emerged from behind the drapes. He was dressed in full war attire, with his dark hair slicked back, and his cunning smile plastered on.

“Good Afternoon, my people.” The prince began smiling at the crowd he was scanning faces until he layed eyes on Arabella. “As the majority of you have heard I will be revealing my bride tonight.” He paused while the crowd cheered in excitement.

“Arabella Lunam, come forward please.” The girl flushed as she pried her arm out of Garrett’s grip and did as she was told. “Congratulations, you are to be my princess.” The prince smiled at the girl.

“I- I can’t… “ Arabella felt her body swaying with the sick pounding of her heart. Marrying the Prince would be good… really good for her family. On the other hand, she was in love with Garrett he was her soulmate, the sun to her moon.

“Why can’t you?” Arabella’s mother stepped forward.

“Because… I- I’m engaged.” Arabella stated awkwardly, her cheeks aflame. She was sure people were muttering amongst themselves but all she could hear was blood rushing in her ears.

Her mother gave her that look, the one with the raised eyebrow. The one that said ‘we’ll talk later but right now you’re doing as I say’.

“She’s referring to an arranged marriage made by her father, she barely knows the poor boy. You’ll be a much better fit.” Her mother lies through her teeth looking between the prince and soon to be princess.

“The marriage is on then!” The price says in an excited tone and all but Arabella, Garrett, and her mother cheer.


The next morning Arabella was dressed in a white lacy dress, she looked down focusing on her breathing. Her mother too was having issues breathing, but not because of a constricting garment.

“Please, think about how many sacrifices I’ve made for you and our family! I wasn’t in love with your father when I married him! Do this for us… Please!” She panted staring wildly at the back of her daughter’s head.

Arabella met her mother with cold eyes. “I’ll sacrifice my happiness for my family. And don’t worry, you’ll be able to forget it soon enough. I’m not so selfish as to use my marriage as a weapon to get what I want out of others.”

As Arabella leaves the room, she tells herself she will not cry. No, instead she will meet her demise with a smile.

To be Continued.

Inspired by:

Latch” by Sam Smith

From Eden”  by Hozier

Release You”  by Tom Misch and Carmody

Word Count: 620


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