The Sun and the Moon

Part 1

“Ara-bel-la” The girl heard the light and airy singsong tone of the boys voice as she sat in the common area of her father’s home. Leaping up she hurried to the window as fast as possible.

“Garrett.” She sighed resting her head on the window seal.

“How are you this fine morning, my darling?” Garrett inquired as his eyes studied the girl’s smooth dark skin, profound dark eyes, and pronounced cheekbones.

Arabella, also, took the moment to focus on Garrett’s looks. The boy had tan skin and clear blue eyes shaped like upside down crescent moons, and his hair was such a striking gold that it looked as though he’d captured the sun atop his head.

“I’m as well as you look.” Arabella replied with a smile after much thought.

“Then you must not be very well.” Garrett said with a laugh.

“You’re right, I feel horrid.” Arabella did her best to put on a pathetic frown.

“Let’s see if I can make you better.” Garrett’s smile evolved into an evil grin as he reached into the window gripping Arabella under her arms and attempting to tug her head first out of the window. The girl squirmed and uttered a yelp as she was plucked from her home.

In another moment, the two teenagers were sitting under the window in a fit of giggles.

“Garrett is that you?” The woman’s voice halted the children’s laughter.

“Yes, ma’am. I have decided to kidnap your daughter. If you don’t mind I’ll return her at a reasonable hour.” Garrett stood up and nodded in a greeting.

“Make sure you two show up for the King’s speech, okay? Who knows how upset Ara’s father would be if she didn’t show up?” Arabella’s mother warns.

“We’ll be there. We promise.” Garrett assures her putting on a comically wide smile.

“It’s fine, if I trust my daughter with anybody it’s you.” Arabella’s mother laughs and waves the children off.


The children struggled to push their way to the front of the crowd wanting to see the king as he addressed the people. They weren’t sure what the speech was supposed to be on but that didn’t stop there desire to see the king and his family.

A few minutes after shoving their way front and center the family emerged from the castle and onto their balcony and the crowd quieted down. The King stood tall with pride as he talked with much emotion about conquering distant lands while the rest of the family sat in the back. Towards the end of the speech the King got down to what must have been his main point: The kingdom would need to start recruiting for the infantry.

At the end of the speech the rest of the family stood on and looked down on the people as they cheered. Arabella watched the prince, he was tall and fair with dark eyes and a disgusted face.

He himself scanned the crowd until he set eyes on Arabella, his face softened and he offered somewhat of a smile. Taken aback by the act, Arabella smiled back and waved. To which the prince nodded before the entire family turned around and re-entered the castle.

“He saw me!” Arabella exclaimed turning to Garrett. He smiled in a way that clearly said he had no intention of believing her. Arabella thought about being upset or at least acting like it, but the idea melted away when Garrett wrapped his arms around her.

To be continued.

Inspired by:

Latch” by Sam Smith

From Eden” by Hozier

Word Count: 595


2 thoughts on “The Sun and the Moon

  1. Your post are really nice to read it gives me a nice sneak peak into novels that I would read. I love this kind of genre of romance. Arabella response to being seen is what I believe how some girls feel in this kind of scenario.haha


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