I’m Not The Only One

Alice stood at the end of the country road, watching her husband drive off into the city. A smile ghosted over her face remembering when Jack would stare into the rear view mirror as he drove away. As much as she tried, Alice realized she no longer had it in her to wait for the man to drive out of view, and as the car was just a speck on the horizon she turned on her heel and headed back to their quaint little house.

Once she was seated at her dining room table, she comprised a list of all the rooms and compartments in the house by looking at the floor plans for their cottage. She then searched thoroughly until she found a slew of incriminating evidence.

Alice’s mouth twisted into a wicked smirk, it wasn’t the unfamiliar lingerie she was looking for, although that did convince her she was doing the right thing, it was the documents illustrating exactly what Jack had been up to financially.

Alice then separated the paperwork into two different piles: things she would need and things to get rid of. She folded up the papers storing them in her purse for safe keeping. Alice found that another smile had worked it’s way onto her face as she watched the rest documents blacken, burn, and turn to ash.

She then moved onto her normal duties. Scrubbing down the marble floors of their bathroom and kitchen until they shined, then she moved onto the dishes, then ironing their clothes.

Once finished, Alice noticed it was time to prepare dinner for Jack. She took extra care when preparing his favorite, pan-fried sirloin steak with a side of homemade mashed potatoes and rum cake.

Alice met him outside as he pulled in their driveway. She did her best to plaster a smile onto her face.

“Welcome home!” Alice greeted opening her arms for a hug.

“Hey.” Jack grunted patting her shoulder and walking past her to enter the home.

Alice followed behind him after prying the smile off her face feeling stupid for putting it on in the first place. Jack was already settled at the table, eating, by the time she settled across from him.

“Not even a thank you…” Alice inquired raising her eyebrow.

The man glanced up for a moment. “Thanks.”

“Forget about it.” The woman answered coldly looking away.

Jack wiped his mouth with the napkin that was next to his plate. “Look Alice, I had a hard day at work… that’s all.”

“You have a hard day everyday.” Alice stood agitated. “I actually had a big day too.” She narrowed her eyes and continued when the man gave an interested grunt. “Yeah, I found some of your stuff…”

“It was an- um anniversary gift.” Jack spluttered out.

“Not the lingerie!” She shouted. “You had a bank account in the Cayman Islands!”

“I- it was for us.” Jack struggled to placate his wife.

“Stop.” Alice scrunched her nose in disgust. “I’m taking the money and leaving you.”

“You’re- That’s hilarious.” He leaned back in his chair folding his arms obstinately.

“I have all the papers in my purse.” Alice pressed on staring into the man’s eyes.

He stood suddenly slamming his hand down on the table. “You wouldn’t…” He laughed again but when her face didn’t change his contorted in rage. “You really are a crazy b-” He stumbled toward her with a confused frown.

“You feel weak, I know… I knew you would. It’s in the rum cake.” Alice found herself smiling again as she saw the wheels turning in his head. She walked to the man’s suit jacket that was hanging on the coat rack and pulled out a cigar and the lighter.

“What is this?” Jack coughed falling to his knees in front of her. She lit the cigar, turning her face in mock concern. “When will it wear off?”

“It’s lethal, you ass-hat.” Alice grinned. “It doesn’t wear off…I’m good at hiding things, and breaking the law. Just like you!” The woman chuckled pointing at the man. She swung her purse onto her shoulder and shrugged. “I guess that’s why we got married, because we have just so much in common.”

Alice’s smile fell into a frown as she put the cigar up to her lips once more, eyes on her husband. She then spun on her heel humming to herself letting the smoke dance from her lips as she headed toward her husband’s- no her car.

Inspired by Sam Smith’s “I’m Not The Only One”.

Listen to it here! Read the lyrics here!

Word Count: 765


3 thoughts on “I’m Not The Only One

  1. oh my gosh- I love this! you have a really good development of characters here, and I love how you portray emotion in the story, not through direct statements but through facial expressions. keep writing! love your style.


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