Into The Ocean

The pressure Jared felt was almost bone crushing. He tried to back away gasping for air to no avail. He squirmed unable to see anything in the petrifying darkness. After a moment, he realized where he was, maybe it was the familiar feeling wet sand under him. Jared then crawled toward the shore coughing and still attempting, in vain, to breathe.

Suddenly, light flooded his eyes and the boy groaned in frustration. The pressure, however, was gone, his lungs were empty and he was feeling better altogether. He struggled to stand up and find his footing.

Jared examined his clothes seeing that his white shirt and mint green shorts were soaked. Even the boat shoes he was standing in were sloshing with water. He turned facing the large body of water, then spun around again facing his small town.

“Hmmmm,” The boy hummed rubbing his temples trying to rid himself of the splintering headache. “I need a drink.” The boy muttered, stumbling back into the town.

“You should probably see a doctor…” Marco frowned leaning in to look into the boy’s eyes face contorted in confusion.

“Just get me what I ord-” Jared was cut off by a horrid and unstoppable cough. He spun away from the bar continuing to hack. He coughed up water that was a disturbing murky, gray color.

“I’m not getting you anything until you go to the hospital. I’m worried about you, okay?” The bartender frowned.

“Fine, but I’m coming back for my drink.” Jared muttered clearing his throat. He stumbled off his bar stool and out of the building.

For a moment, Jared stood outside the building adjusting to the light before setting off for the hospital. By the time he got halfway to the healing area he changed his mind, he just needed a good night’s rest. His mother would make him soup and he could sleep until tomorrow.

Jared stood in the empty driveway of his parents house peering over at his neighbor who was hunched over examining the bushes.

“Hey! You know where my old lady and my pops are?” The boy shouted.

The man looked up startled. There was a bewildered look on his face before he seemed to calm down again. “You didn’t stop at the hospital, then?”

“Ummm, no, are they there?” Jared looked around in confusion.

The man shook his head and gave a sad smile. “They’re at a funeral right now. Just up the street.”

“Thanks ummmm-”

“Richard.” The man smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, thanks again.” Jared ran up the road looking around when he spotted his family and some of their friends standing around a coffin.

He walked up on shaky legs stomach twisting in nervousness. ‘I should probably go to the hospital’ he thought as his lungs began burning more and more with every step.

Jared leaned over to see the body just as the cough came back with a passion. He gasped for air when he set eyes on… his own corpse. Jared tried to back away… to move… anything. He was about to give a shout when a gust of wind blew him away as if he was a pillar of sand.

The pressure Jared felt was almost bone crushing. He tried to back away gasping for air to no avail. He squirmed unable to see anything in the petrifying darkness.

partially inspired by the song: Into The Ocean by Blue October

Listen to it here!

Read the lyrics here!

Word count: 558


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