“It’s called a sense of humor- you should get one- they’re nice.”

Pretty in Pink (1986)

Starring: Molly Ringwald, Howard Dean Stanton, Jon Cryer, and James Spader

Pretty in Pink is about a middle class girl in highschool who develops a crush on Blane, a rich kid. As the two slowly fall in love they fall out with their social cliques.

This movie focuses a lot on the pressure high-schoolers face from their cliques. Which brings me to another important idea, this movie was made in the late 80’s and now about twenty-eight years later, there is still peer pressure going on in school.

Trailer for Pretty in Pink

Spoilers Ahead!

Throughout the entirety of the movie I adored Duckie and I thought that his crush on Andie was super cute. So you could imagine my surprise when Andie and Duckie, did not end up together. Yes, it’s true. Andie manages to forgive Blane for blowing her off and lying to her and they still end up together. But, all in all, I suppose if the two didn’t end up together it would mean they didn’t overcome the social barriers.

One of my favorite scenes from the movie happens when Duckie enters the store where Andie works as they are playing Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness and he begins to dance around to the song until the music ends.

Another scene I like that stands out to me is Blane and Andies argument, mainly because it fills me with second-hand embarrassment. I was a little embarrassed then, when they show the students and administration exciting the classrooms to find out what’s going on in the hallways is when the mortification settled in my stomach.

Here are some links to some more of my favorite scenes from Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Darcy and Elizabeth dance

The Rain Scene (Darcy’s first proposal)

Darcy Delivers his letter of explanation

The scene at Dawn  (Darcy walks to Elizabeth )

Word Count: 311


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