In finding the right person you need someone with all the right similarities, yet all the right differences. Someone to read your mind instinctively, yet cover your weaknesses

My first post is about 1998 British Romantic Comedy, titled The Very Thought of You originally called Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel, and Laurence. The movie is about Martha, a woman living in America who decides to quit her job and use her last paycheck to buy a one way ticket to London. She leaves in search of ‘the one’, the perfect partner. Over the course of a couple of days she meets Frank, Daniel, and Laurence. She meets them all separately, however the three men have been best friends since childhood. Complications arise when all three men fall in love with her. Here’s a link to the trailer. You can also go directly to it on Wikipedia by clicking this link. This is one of my favorite Romantic Comedies for many reasons but, the most important being that it’s shot out of sequence making it hard to predict what is going to happen.

I generally enjoyed the characters, although from time to time I would get irritated with Martha. The character wasn’t all that strong or unique and, at times, she struck me as a moody, naive individual who expected everyone to cater to her. In my opinion her character is over-shadowed by the three personalities of Frank, Daniel, and Laurence.

Spoilers ahead!

The ending was satisfying and just a little predictable. Obviously, Martha and Laurence are the main characters, so you should already be 95.9% sure know that they end up together. But when Laurence ask for the cheapest one way flight out of London(the flight being for a small town in Iceland) and Martha is no where to be found the viewer starts to get a little worried. However after he leaves, she appears around the corner and purposefully ask for a ticket to the same place. In the end of the movies she moves his seat up to first class with the remaining money she has and the two meet on the plane making for a very awwww-worthy moment.

word count: 334


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